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Poets of the Fall Concerts Schedule Feb 2019

Feb 22
Fri, 8:00 pm
Poets of the Fall
Санкт-Петербург · Cosmonavt Club
Feb 23
Sat, 8:00 pm
Poets of the Fall

Poets of the Fall Concerts Schedule Mar 2019

Mar 19
Tue, 7:00 pm
Poets of the Fall
Amsterdam · Melkweg
Mar 20
Wed, 8:00 pm
Poets of the Fall
Paris · Les Etoiles
Mar 21
Thu, 9:00 pm
Poets of the Fall
Trezzo sull'Adda · Live Club

Poets of the Fall Concerts Schedule Apr 2019

Apr 23
Tue, 8:00 pm
Poets of the Fall
Praha 1 · Roxy
Apr 24
Wed, 8:00 pm
Poets of the Fall
Vienna · Szene Wien
Apr 25
Thu, 8:30 pm
Poets of the Fall
Budapest · A38
Apr 26
Fri, 7:00 pm
Poets of the Fall
Kraków · Klub Kwadrat
Apr 27
Sat, 7:00 pm
Poets of the Fall
Warsaw · Proxima


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About Poets of the Fall

Poets of the Fall was created in 2003. The groups’ core members include Tukiainen, Saaresto, and Kaarlonen. Having been very successful in building their own studio, the group released a single called “Late Goodbye” within just a few months’ time.

Highlights of Their Career

By 2005, the group had already a number of albums with their very first, "Signs of Life". Because of hard work and perseverance, the group was given prestigious awards like "Best Debut Album of the Year" and "Best Newcomer of the Year at the Emma’s". It was of equal importance as the Grammy’s in Finland. In 2006, the Poets of the Fall launched their second album entitled Carnival of Rust. As expected, it also hit the number one spot in their homeland’s charts and was included in the best sellers’ lists immediately.

Aside from the huge amount of sales and important acclaim for their records, the group likewise managed to headline some important tours. To be able to bring their music closer to people, however, the group has to do some changes like doing an expansion. They have recruited Makinen, Salminen, and Snellman. With huge successes of their previous albums and works, the Poets of the Fall has planned to do bigger and better. Part of their plans is to see the world, including Asia. The band ended 2007 with a big bang with their sold out concerts and by winning another set of music awards. Another single called The Ultimate Fling was released in the year 2008 and was abruptly followed by a full length Revolution Roulette 2 months after. Proven time and again, the album rocketed to the top stop in different charts in Finland. Most of their singles and videos are getting lots of support from the radio, TV, and internet. And so ways to reach people is not a problem for artists anymore. Perhaps, this is one of the greatest powers of today’s younger generations.

The Group’s Inspiration

The group gains strength and inspiration from one another, with their loved ones, and fans. As they continue to inspire younger men and women through their songs, they are also being inspired and challenged in return. It is their duty and commitment to the people to always give good and sensible sounds.

What’s Next for the Group?

More albums and concerts are being lined up for Poets of the Fall. The group will be back on tours, scheduled to play in Asia and Europe, including their first gig in Los Angeles.