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Phoenix Concerts Schedule Apr 2019

Apr 19
Fri, 7:30 pm
Shibuya · Shibuya Stream Hall
Apr 20
Sat, 7:30 pm
Shibuya · Shibuya Stream Hall
Apr 22
Mon, 7:30 pm
Shibuya · Shibuya Stream Hall
Apr 23
Tue, 7:30 pm
Shibuya · Shibuya Stream Hall
Apr 24
Wed, 7:30 pm
Shibuya · Shibuya Stream Hall
Apr 26
Fri, 7:30 pm
Houston Grand Opera, Phoenix
Houston, TX · Brown Theatre (Houston)

Phoenix Concerts Schedule May 2019

May 6
Mon, 9:00 pm
Phoenix, Ti Amo
Ciudad de México · El Plaza Condesa
May 7
Tue, 9:00 pm
Phoenix, Ti Amo
Ciudad de México · El Plaza Condesa
May 9
Thu, 9:00 pm
Phoenix, Ti Amo
Ciudad de México · El Plaza Condesa

Phoenix Concerts Schedule Jul 2019

Jul 27
Sat, 8:30 pm
Phoenix, Soprano
Vienne · Theatre Antique Vienne


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About Phoenix

Phoenix is a group from Paris. The three original members were all from comfortable, middle class families. They met up in school. Deck D’Arcy who is good in playing piano and Thomas Mars Jr had been friends for quite some time. These two were eventually joined by Mozzalai.

In 1991, they have enrolled in the Lycee Hoche training in Versailles. Soon, they form their very own group. Four years after, the 3 original members have recruited a new talent, Broncowitz. The name Phoenix was finalized in 1997 and members include Thomas, Deck, Laurent, and Christian.

It wasn’t an easy path for the Phoenix as they had to do a few albums before they were able to win the hearts of several music enthusiasts. The group’s upbeat mix of rock, electro, and pop had brought them so much success.

They created their very own label called Ghetto Blaster and started financing their works on their own. They were able to release 50 copies of their initial 2-tack EP “Party Time”. A year after, they caught the attention of many fans with their hit song, “Source Rocks”. With this huge development in their career, they were signed by Source.

Even if they were advised to do songs in French, the group has decided to keep the lyrics in English.

In 2000, Phoenix released their debut album called “United”. Even before it was released in the market, most tracks were already being played by different DJs in numerous clubs around America, Europe, and the UK. But, the band’s album got a cold treatment from their French critics.

The group went on tours where they honed their musical and production skills. Some of their songs were even featured in different films like “Lost in Translation” and “"XXL (Extra Large)."

In 2004, the group released their second album entitled “Alphabetical” under Source label. This did better in France. This was a mixture of good rock, electro, pop, funk, folk, and hip hop music.

The group did not stop doing big performances abroad. They were very busy all throughout that year and were even invited to play in different prestigious events like in the Somerset House, the Shepherds Bush Empire, and “Route du Rock” festival in Brittany.

In November that year, another album called “Thirty Days Ago” was launched in more than 10 countries.

Despite their huge success abroad, the group is still having a difficult time impressing the fans in their home country. They did another album, "It's Never Been Like that" and this was released in France in 2006. It was definitely a highly autobiographical event.

In 2009, the band launched "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix". They continued to do concerts and live TV guestings.

In 2010, the Phoenix won their first ever Grammy Awards, Best Alternative Album for the album “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix”. It has sold more than 750,000 copies outside of France, 75% of them in America.

They did the soundtrack for the move “Somewhere”. They had collaborated with other artists and studios.

Their newest album was released in 2013, “Bankrupt”. This was a little different from their previous works. The band was brave enough in taking some risks by reworking their musical pallet. But of course, there will always be punchy tunes.