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Pendulum Concerts Schedule Mar 2019

Mar 23
Sat, 11:00 pm
Tilburg · 013

About Pendulum

Earthshaking Genre

The familiar heavy beats and low sound combination with electronic synthesized leads is the signature crunch of the Pendulum. Originally from Australia, they relocated in UK in 2003. The band consists of Rob Swire, Gareth McGrillen, Perry apGwynedd, Paul Harding aka “El Hornet”, KJ Sawka and Ben ‘Mount aka “The Verse”.

The Origins

The group was established in 2002 in Australia. The “Vault” was received by the fans and became phenomenal in the drum and bass genre in 2003. Another hit in 2003 was their piece “Spiral” which made a large impact in the community of drum and bass.

Beginnings and Rise to Fame

In 2005, they released their first full length album “Hold Your Colour” with an earthshaking single “Tarantula” and “Slam”. In the same year they claimed a spot on the UK top 20 with their piece “Voodoo People”. After much critical and positive acclaims from various icons they released their second album “Silicon” which placed them #2 on UK charts. Silicon went viral and reached Gold a month after the release. Indeed the band is successfully thriving in success.

Extending Influence in the West Coast

Originating from Australia and settling in the United Kingdom, they continued to extend their influence and fame in the US. They bombarded all cities with beautifully stunning low sound and beats with additional electronic futuristic echoes. It became a fusion of rock, bass and heavy drum beats. This addition in their arsenal was positively reviewed and huge acclaim. In 2009, the band filmed four live recordings on DVDs at Brixton Academy and released same year.

Hypnotic Artistry

The band continued their global tour while working on their third album “Immersion”. They went on insane concerts amassing thousands of people to witness them perform with astounding music and visual artistry.

Painfully Beautiful

“Salt in the Wounds” received a top spot on BBC Radio 1 for weeks in 2010. A few weeks afterwards, a very unique music video of Salt in the Wounds, presented in 360 interactive video was highly regarded by admirers and critics alike.


In 2012, the band hit an impasse. They announced that there would be no planned gigs and live shows on the 2013. By the second semester of 2013, a series of posts in social networking sites began to spread giving clues for a possible album release in year 2014 yet live performances are highly unlikely to take place.