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About PJ Harvey

Polly Jean Harvey, better known as PJ Harvey, was born on October, 9 1969 in the UK. She is a singer and songwriter, and her name is also the name of her band.

PJ Harvey grew up in a small village in the Somerset county. Her family loved music, played musical instruments and tried to arise the same love in their children. As a kid, PJ was a shy girl with no friends frequently mistaken as a boy. She preferred playing with other kids to taking care of the farm animals, horse riding and making instruments. At 11, she has mastered a cello, saxophone and piano, later she learnt how to play guitar and drums. As well as her mother, she showed interest in sculpture and even went to college to study sculpture there.

College time brought new opportunities. In London, Harvey joined the instrumental octet Bologna where she was playing saxophone, and started to write her own songs. in 1988, she joined John Parish’s Automatic Dlamini with which she even made a few shows in Europe. Later on, she decided to concentrate on her solo career. Together with the bassist Ian Oliver and the drummer/back vocalist Rob Ellis, she starts her own band called PJ Harvey. The first concert happened in 1991. Half a year later, their debut album comes to light – Dry. Immediately it becomes highly popular, and PJ Harvey receives a status of the best songwriter and the best new singer of 1991 according to the Rolling Stone magazine.

1993 brought two more albums – Rid of Me and the solo album 4-Track Demons. Some time later, she performed together with U2. Although she was receiving numerous offers from major labels, PJ rejected them, preferring to keep belonging to indie culture. In 1995, she issued To Bring You My Love that became one of the most successful indie albums.

The next solo CD, Is This Desire? was less successful and quite arbitrary. So, in 1999, the new songs were made by a trio.

In 2015, Harvey announced the she had started working on a new The Hope Six Demolition Project issuing two singles beforehand. The album came out on April, 15 2016 and hit the top of a British chart and the first 100 of Billboard 200.

PJ Harvey tour 2017

The tour supporting The Hope Six Demolition Project is still on. The PJ Harvey tour dates are from now on till November, 18 2017. PJ Harvey events will happen in US, Europe, UK, Brazil and Mexico. The PJ Harvey Seattle and Houston show has already taken place, but there are still Vienna, New York, Louisville and Chicago shows coming. Tickets for the PJ Harvey concerts 2017 in Denmark and Wales are already sold out. So be quick and check up for the PJ Harvey tickets and tour dates above.