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About Owl City

Owl City (an American electronica project) is one of a few projects by famous Adam Young which was formed in 2007. Owl City was formed in Adam Young's basement. He had been playing music in his basement and wanted to show his talents to public. He composed “Hello Seattle" in 2007 and dropped it in his myspace account. Fortunately, he got great appeal from so many people and the music was played more than 6 million times. After seeing his success, he initiated to produce an indie mini album which is known as "Of June". The album became popular and hit in the top chart.

Adam Young had been a brave musician who did not really care for any contract with any company. He initiated to make his second album in 2008. "Maybe I'm Dreaming" was release which was also an indie effort. This record also became hit in the music market.

In 2009, he could release "Ocean Eyes", and this album was a result of a contract with a company. The album become hit and was seen on the on Billboard Hot 200. Later on, He worked with Relient K's Matt Thiessen in a single "Fireflies". This single entered at No. 97. In June 2011, its third album was released in 2012 which was titled as “All Things Bright and Beautiful”. Owl City proudly worked for a number of animated movies which include

Owl City continued its projects and released “The Midsummer Station” as well as “The Midsummer Station”. In 2014 it released "Beautiful Times", this is the latest album of Owl City. Often Owl City is compared with “The Postal Service” because of Young’s use of irony in the lyrics, female singers and fuzzy synths. Young has toured many places with Breanne Düren (keyboards), Jasper Nephew (guitar). And Former members include Matt Decker (drums), Steve Goold (drums), and Daniel Jorgensen (guitar). Total 4 albums are produced by Young for this project. Owl City has toured more than 100 places for concerts. Young has toured in Asia, New Zealand, Europe and North America. Many of Young’s fans love to watch Owl City’s videos on YouTube channels.