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Ondubground Concerts Schedule Mar 2019

Mar 22
Fri, 8:30 pm
Dub Pistols, Brain Damage, Ondubground
Bourgoin-Jallieu · Les Abattoirs

Ondubground Concerts Schedule Apr 2019

Apr 6
Sat, 9:00 pm
Rhino, Ondubground, ...
Annemasse · Château Rouge - Salle de Concert

About Ondubground

Ondubground was created in 2004 by two brothers from Tours in France. The project rests on the fusion of dub music and electronic music and is the result of many hours of creation. Since 2007 the band has grown to four members and now delivers a high energy live show. Ondubground aims at celebrating the heritage of dub music while at the same time experimenting new developements (Last.fm)