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About Omnia

Omnia is a neoceltic pagan folk that was formed on 1996 in Netherlands. The members are Steve “Sic” Evans-van der Harten (lead vocalist and instrumentalist), Jennifer Evans-van der Harten (lead vocalist, piano), Daphyd “Crow” Sens (slideridoo, vocals, mouth harp, Philip Steenbergen (acoustic guitar and DADGAD guitar) and Rob “Radio” van Barschot (drums and percussion). Their music spread in many countries including in England, Persia along with Ireland and Cornwall.

Their first project was “Sine Missione” that was recorded in the year 1998 but it was released on 2000. It comprises of 16 tracks including “Sacrificium”, “Flora”, And “Rufa Solo”, followed by their 2nd album “Sine Missione II” on 2002 by Emmuty Records. The band caught the attention of many people in their extraordinary talent and also in their music. They are making songs in different language including Irish, German, Dutch, English, Latin as well as hindi and they are using different instruments. That is their exceptional to other bands because of their uniqueness in their songs.

In 2004, they released “Crone of War” on 2004 through the Zap Production. The album was inspired by Celtic Mythology in which they get an idea of Mabon Festival as well as Gods. After 2 years, they launched “PaganFolk” bu PaganScum Records in which it received positive reviews and aspiration. They worked on many instruments to form each song in which they were compared to other musicians. Later on, they keep continue releasing album including a alive albums like “Live Region” in 2005 which was recorded with one microphone on church and “Live on Earth” on 2012.

Another album was released by the band, it was called “Wolf Love” that was out on 2010 via PaganScum Records. The album includes a free DVD that contains their lineup song on the year 2010. In their albums they worked with different people including Lewis Carroll and Wim Sonneveld.

Aside from that, they also produced compilation albums such as “Cybershaman” alongside with “History” and “World of Omnia”. They were nominated in DJ Awards in 2013 as Best Newcomer as the band performed in Medieval Festival, Earth Warrior Tour and Faerieworlds, on Oregon USA. In 2014, they came up with the album “Earth Warrior” accompanied by their music video that got 975, 147 views. However, even the band received negative feedback there are still many people who believe and support them all throughout their journey.