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About Noize MC

Who is the very talented Russian singer-actor Ivan Alekseev? He is also known as Noize MC, a famous rapper. Noize MC was born on the ninth of March 1985. He is more like his father being a musician, so different from his chemist mother. He was nine years old when his parents got divorced. By that age, he was able to write poetry. And a year later, he added music in his written poetry. He studied in a music school. And able to compete and win regional for classical guitar. He was a gold medalist when he finished high school.

He can play different musical instruments like Ukelele, Guitar, Flute, Banjo, Keyboards, Bass Guitar, and Turntables. His music vary from pop, rock, alternative, hip hop, rap, rock and rap core. His influencers were The Prodigy and Nirvana. He also formed a band named “Protivo Gunz” which appeared in some street concerts and were able to perform in bars and other outdoor areas.

In a freestyle battle early 2005, Noize MC beat Molodoy MC, another famous rapper. After winning this battle, Noize MC was invited to be a judge in another street festival, known as “Snickers Urbania”. By 2006, Noize MC go solo and signed contract with Respect Production. Even so, he still sings for his band. And late 2006 the band won in “Urban Sound”, a Russian competition. Their band was featured in a video “Pesnya dlya radioefira”. The video was shown on “Muz-TV”.

He signed another contract with Respect Production and Universal Music Russia on April 2007. At the same month, Noize MC also won in a Russian Internet competition. There are over 3000 Russians all over the world who joined this competition. On September, one video from their battle went viral. And by late 2007, Noize MC was broadcasted on different radio stations and different music channels. It also managed to reach the tenth spot on “100 Best Songs MTV 2007”. This year he also starred in “Rozygrysh” movie, a remake of Vladimir Menshov. And the film was shown on May 22, 2008. And the “Moyo More” music video for the soundtrack of the movie was shown on channel A-ONE.

In February of 2010, Noize MC wrote “Mercedes S666”, a rap piece in protest of Lukoil Vice President Anatoly Barkov car accident incident. He wrote the rap piece just 24 hours after the incident. This song became popular along with its animated video. On December 10, 2011, Noize MC joined other celebrities to have an anti-government demonstration.