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Noisia Concerts Schedule Jan 2019

Jan 26
Sat, 10:00 pm
Bedlam, Noisia, Andy C
Bournemouth · O2 Academy Bournemouth

About Noisia

Noisia is actually VISION rotated in 180⁰. Thijs de Vlieger, Nik Roos and Martijn van Sonderen composed this electronic music trio. They originated in Netherlands on 2003. Their music focused on producing Breakbeat, Dubstep, Drum and Bass and Music House.

In 2003, Noisia was originally a duo of Roos and Vlieger. Martijn joined the later after successful collaboration with the duo. They caught the attention of Mayhem’s Shadow Law Recordings upon releasing their first song “Tomahawk.” Due to the success of their Drum and Bass music, Robbie Williams worked with the trio. Williams asked the trio to remix his cover “Bongo Bong and Je Ne T’aime Plus.” Noisia turned the song into a House Music and released it with EMI records.

In 2007, “Colour of Me” by Tasha Baxter was released and produced by Noisia. A year after they released “FabricLive.40”, it is a mixed CD that includes their own singles. They also released a remix of “Omen.” They released “For The Masses”, Hadouken!’s second album. The album reached the UK Charts. The trio remixed a singles of Skrillex, “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” and “Raise Your Weapon” by Deadmau5.

In 2010, Noisia released their debut studio album entitled “Split the Atom.” The first song was “Machine Gun” released on the 8th of March, followed by their second song “Split the Atom on the 25th of July.

In 2012, they remixed Mark Knight’s song “Nothing Matters” and The Prodigy’s song “Smack My Bitch Up.” And they released a special edition of “Split the Atom.”

Niosia was also given the opportunity to write music for video games and short films. “The Tide” was produced by Noisia and it was used on Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2. “Stigma” was used in Gran Turismo PSP. “Groundhod” was used in DJ Hero and MotorStorm Pacific Rift. The trio collaborated with Klaus Badelt to remix tracks for MotorStorm Apocalypse.

Noisia has three record labels. For their Drum and Bass music, they have Vision Recordings. For their House Music and Grime Music, they have Division Recordings. For their Experimental Drum and Bass Music, they have Invisible Recordings.

Early 2013, they released “Devil May Cry” soundtrack. Later that year, Noisia was able to be the founder of the group “I Am Legion”. They released the group’s self entitled album on the 2nd of September 2013. Their hit singles were “Make Those Move” and “Choosing for You.”

The trio has been collaborating with different artist to produce more remixed songs.