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About Nneka

Nneka was born and raised in Nigeria. All her experience in her home town, from the blackouts to more serious political wars, have contributed to the way she feels and things. Even at her age, she already witnessed so much and so she can view the world and everything that is happening from different angles.

Nneka’s Masterpieces

At age 19, she left Africa to enroll in Harmburg University. There she studied anthropology and later on discovered her talent in music. Most of her music is mind moving. Everything has a meaning and makes perfect sense. Among her greatest crafts include Victim of Truth, No Longer at Ease, Heartbeat, Concrete Jungle, and more. Soul is Heavy, is yet another provoking song from Nneka. This has moved Nigerian revolutionaries. Apart from entertainment, it can be said that Nneka’s music serves as a big inspiration to many people. She loves taking on topics like mental slavery, hypocrisy, and the like. Actually, a lot of commentators say that she is a social mover, an activist, and any other name you might want to call her. Some would think that her songs are confrontational, but they are never dictating.

Nneka’s music may be somewhat sentimental and all have rooted out in her personal experiences. But, her global appeal is truly magnificent and it is something that cannot be denied. People love her song because of the messages. She has been very successful in transcending boundaries. As she would always say, she is what you hear. Everything comes from within. You cannot really detach her from her music.

Other Side of Nneka

If she’s not a musician, she would definitely do well in journalism, or maybe she can work as a philosopher. Actually, these two disciplines are evident in her masterpieces.

Her Secret to Success

Nneka would proudly confess that she is actually having a hard time when making music. There would be continuous battles in her mind. While others are quite complacent with the way they live and work, Nneka is definitely different. She is the type of person that always asks. Perhaps that has something to do with the way she was brought up, and also the place where she lived.

What’s Next for Nneka?

A lot more is expected from this very talented and genius musician. More persuasive songs and powerful performances are in line for Nneka.