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About Nicky Romero

A world-renowned DJ and producer, Nicky Romero or Nick Rotteveel in real life, was born on January 6, 1989 in  Amerongen, Netherlands. Much of the success currently enjoyed by the electronic dance music (EDM) genre can be credited to the passion and hard work put up by Nicky. In 2013, Nicky ranked in the top 10 of the DJ Mag’s Top 100 Chart.

Nicky’s Early Career

After finishing his studies, he started working as a local bartender but soon afterwards, he began producing his own music in 2008. One of the highlights of Nicky’s early career as a professional artist came in 2009 when he first released a bootleg of “When Love Takes Over”, a popular hit of  David Guetta. The release was such an online hit that Guetta himself was impressed and a few more collaborations between the two artists followed including “Metropolis” and “Wild One Two”. Following the early success of Nicky, he was noticed by various labels including Once Records (with his first ever label contract), Spinnin’ Records and Fly Eye.

Working His Way to the Top

With his dedication to his craft, Nicky continued to release successful hits and in 2012, recorded and released the hit track “Toulouse”. In October 2012, Nicky was first voted to be part of the DJ Mag’s Top 100 Chart where he initially landed at number 17. After “Toulouse”, Nicky teamed up with Avicii, A Swedish DJ and producer, and released another hit track entitled “I Could Be the One”. The track became an instant success and reached the top spot in the UK Singles Chart and UK Dance Chart in 2013.

From there, Nicky released successive hit tracks including his own single “Symphonica”, and collaboration songs “Legacy” and “S.O.T.U.”. During the same year, Nicky performed in several live shows across U.S. and other countries including Electric Daisy Carnival, Sensation White and Coachella. The performance of Nicky at Tommorow World was remembered by the music industry as it was one of the first musical performances that use Google Glass in live gigs. In the recent 2013’s fan poll, his supporters and followers voted Nicky to reach the number 7 spot in the DJ Mag’s Top 100 Chart.

Currently, Nicky owns his own label, Protocol Recordings, which is currently helping new artists develop their talents and share their music to the world. Aside from this, he also has a weekly show entitled Protocol Radio that airs every Saturday.