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About Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds is an Australian rock band. The band was formed by Nick Cave as well Mick Harvey who were the parts of “The Birthday Party”, an Australian band. After the termination of The Birthday Party, this new band was formed. They got members like Einstürzende Neubauten (guitar), Hugo Race (guitar), Barry Adamson (bass, piano), and Jim Sclavunos (drummer) and Anita Lane (lyricist). By this lineup, the group was able to produce its very first album in 1984. The band could produce fifteen albums and toured many places for concerts. The band’s lineup was not stable at all but Harvey and Cave were firm in the band.

The new band wanted to go away from the normal trends of rock. Both Mick Harvey and Nick Cave were interested in alternative rock music. Both of them were greatly influenced by many previous artists and experimented with music genres. They did not want to create any traditional blues, punk rock or gothic rock. The band gradually came up with much popular music which include “The Firstborn Is Dead”, “From Her to Eternity,”Tender Prey” and “Your Funeral... My Trial”. In 2008, the band released “Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!” The band is still doing its music with passion and motivation. The band came up with its latest release “Push the Sky Away” in 2013. This album does not include the band founder member Harvey as he left the band. The lyricist of the band, Anita Lane was the girl friend of Cave but they got separated and Cave started a new relationship with Elisabeth Recker.

The band is considered very popular. It toured many places like 2014 U.S. Tour, Australian tour in 2011 and many European tours. The band has got a number of prestigious music awards. “Push The Sky Away” was the great work of the band which gave them ARIA Awards in 2013. Before that, this rock band achieved ARIA Awards for Best Male Artist, and also Australasian Performing Right Association award. The band has been regular in concerts, studio recording and TV programs. The band is considered one of the inspiring bands of 1990s.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds reviews

El concierto estuvo Genial
Definitely, one of the best shows ever that I've seen. Simply - brilliant ✌️
It was absolutely unbelievably awesome show!
The best show I've ever been to. It was mind blowing and fucking brilliant. Not sure if Nick Cave realizes though, that half of the audience were Romanians :) I'll definitely be in Dublin, next year, for the performence with Patti Smith.
Very powerful and emotionally charged night, made me cry several times but I absolutely loved it.Nick's charisma is simply unbelievable,I have never seen anything like that
Absolutely stunning. Masterful performance.
Amazing! Nick reached his hand to me and took me on a stage with him. He held my hand and we sang “Push The Sky Away”
Takie koncerty rzadko się spotyka:-)?
Awesome concert!!! Superb Nick and the Bad Seeds!! Everything felt very intimate -even though the venue was completely sold out. The stage looked very cool, we had standing tickets -far at the back, great view, beer stand 15 m behind us- so what not to like! Great night out. Thanks Warsaw!
The best concert I’ve ever seen. Nick is the the best artist with so huge amount of energy and emotions. As he said: You are fucking awesome !!!
Absolutely great performance, but apereantly, in this contry, it is not a common sence that you have to turn off the flash while filming a concert. The venue was very poor - no decent bar, poorly ventilated hall and stage was barely visible if you had a standing ticket and your height was under 1.95m.
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds rocked us last night?❤