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Nas Concerts Schedule Feb 2019

Feb 10
Sun, 5:00 pm
Lauryn Hill, Nas
Brisbane · Riverstage

About Nas

Nasir Jones, better known as Nas, was born in 1973 in New York. For quite a long time so far, he’s been called a god of hip hop. He recorded his Illmatic in 1994 where he proved himself to be a perfect street storyteller. Soon after that, he woke up famous when his second It Was Written became #1 in the Billboard and a bunch of new rappers took his sound as a paragon. Together with his countrymen from Quinsbridge, he donated a new voice to the East Coast rap while his new enterprise with Dr. Dre became one of the superprojects on 1997.

Nasir Jones was born in Long Island. He was a son of a famous jazz composer Olu Dara. Nad hasn’t even finished school and left when he was in middle school. At the age of 9 he got interested in and inspired by the rap music. In the mid-80s, he joined one of the street bands of his homeplace Quinsbridge. When Nas got the microphone, he was telling the real sorties of the black people living the street life. And these were real heart touching stories that did not resemble the common newsreporters’ phrases that came to those districts for a couple oh hours, interviewed a black to Latin kid about their hard life and left. These were the descriptions of the real troubles.

In 1989, Nas meets a producer who helps him to record his voice with Main Source. This was a good promotion, and Nas got a chance to sing at New York streets. Along with this, he was selling his demos hoping to get a contract. But sudden death of his best friend and the murder of his brother broke his will. He could probably leave the stage forever but for MC Serch who was pretty sure that Nas had already signed a contract long time ago. But when he got to know that he had none and, moreover, was going to finish his musical career, he decided to interfere. Serch immediately invited him to record his voice for his new single and made a Zebrahead soundtrack together with Nas. So, in 1993, he signed a deal with Serch’s label and soon became a priority artist.

Now he could record his debut album with any producer, so his Illmatic was warmly met by both mainstream and deep underground. The New York Times wrote that Nas is using not only black facts, but also humor and humanity. He is telling about violence without praising it. It his verses, the real life beats the circumstances.

Nas tour dates

The rapper is on tour now. Nas concert schedule is from the 7 of September to the 11 of October. Nas concerts 2017 will take place in the USA and Canada. Nas shows will happen in Chicago, Boston, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Seattle in the US and Toronto and Vancouver in Canada. Nas tickets are available online.

Nas reviews

Nas is still bae. Lauryn is still Ms. Hill. NAS is still HipHop. Ms. Hill is still a genius. Can we let Lauryn live? MLH + NAS = PowerNomics Tour. Chicago concert reflection. #SheBloomsBlack
Thanks Nas for saving it?
Nas was amazing what charisma! I think Lauren was trying to take us to another level some of us are not ready for. I see her....but not quite ready for the futuristic vibe. She's still an amazing lyricist...?
It was good! Kind of disappointed Lauryn didn't stick to the original classics. You can never knock her vocals though ???? Nas definitely saved it.
Pretty fun! Nas saved it.