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About Mohombi

Is a half Swedish/Half Congolese multi talented and multi lingual music artist, Mohombi is Mohombi Nzasi Moupondo in real life. Mohombi was born in Congo on October 17, 1986 and grew up in Sweden because his family escaped an unfortunate event in his home country. His mother is Swedish and his father is Congolese. Mohombi is known for his first solo single “Bumpy Ride”. A singer, songwriter and dancer rolled into one talented and multi-awarded artist.

Mohombi grew up listening to various music artists where he also got his influence. Later, on his early age he developed his passion, skill and talent in music. The living proof to his talent is when he was included in the “Swedish” revival production of timeless classic “Wild Side Story”. Mohombi further nurture and nourish his gift atthe “Music Conservatory” in “Stockholm” in “Sweden”.

Mohombi and his brother, Djo Moupondo are the brains behind the group “Avalon”. They incorporate dancehall and hip hop of the present era and combined them to beats which are they are known for. In span of two years, the duo had manage to achived more than half a million sales of records and won “Kora Awards” for the category of “Best Group – Diaspora Europe/Carbbean” category, this the “African” equivalent of “Grammy” awards. This is the time when Mohombi began to rcognized as a serious songwriter and made a name for it. The best is yet to come for Mohombi until he moved to “Los Angeles”, “California” in the United States to fulfil and negotiate for an exciting music career.

On May 31, 2010, withnessed the released of Mohombi’s brainstormed song with Swedish rapper “Lazee” called “Do It”. It crawled to 9th spot on the “Swedish Singles Chart”. Mohombi’s transfer to “L.A.” realized a a debut single called “Bumpy Ride” under “RedOne” label’s “2101 Records”, a shared undertaking with “Universal”. It was introduced in the U.S. on Agust 24, 2010. It was followed by “Miss Me” which was introduced in the UK on Ocotber 31, 2010. Another single introduce called “Dirty Situation”, released in “Europe” on November 11, 2010.And soon was followed by debut album “MoveMeant”. Not to be outdone on iTunes, Mohombi released the single “Maraca” on the famous online music store. And the latest was he received nominations for “Best Swedish act” at the “European Music Awards” in “Belfast”. He also graces “The Voice of Romania”