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Mogwai Concerts Schedule Aug 2019

Aug 16
Fri, 4:00 pm
Glasgow Summer Sessions, Mogwai, The Cure and others 2
Glasgow · Bellahouston Park

About Mogwai

Formed in 1995, Mogwai is a melodic post-rock band from Glasgow. Their style is a mixture of electric dance, disco, and classic rock. Their sound also resembles the synthesizer instrumentation from the mid-1980s. Similar acts include TychoThe Glitch Mob, and Portishead. Since the late 1990s, the group has spent a considerable amount of time performing on the festival circuit. Their music found a strong following in audiences who fancy live performances.

In the early 1990s, Dominic Aitchison and Marin Bulloch began writing music and creating an image. They formed a name and style, and then released their single “Tuner/Lower” and soon after, “New Paths to Helicon.” The songs put the band on the music map, which led to them adding guitarist Brendan O’Hare before releasing their first album.

Mogwai Young Team dropped in 1997 and did modestly well on UK album charts. Each single they released reached the top 100. In 1998, the group released an album of covers and remixes of old music. Kicking a Dead Pig did well and soon after, O’Hare upset the band and they forced him out. Mogwai added Barry Burns to replace him before they began work on their next album. Since his arrival, the group has remained the same for the past 16 years.

The follow-up record, Come on Die Young released in 1998 and did better than the previous. The album landed in the top 30 in the UK, furthering their success as a jam band. It also proved to be a transitional album for Mogwai, as they began to incorporate more electronics.

In 2001, their third album, Rock Action released and gained the approval of both fans and critics. The record became their bestselling release topping out at 29 on billboard charts. Shortly after, Mogwai finished and dropped a 20 minute follow-up song for the album. Their music style became popular with festival crowds, which helped with their musical direction.

Two years later, the band released their experimental album, Happy songs for Happy People. The record received mixed reviews due to its unorthodox nature. Mogwai left the traditional styles of song writing to venture into unknown territories of electronics and alternative sounds. In turn, the reception was broad; yet, it did do well in the US. In 2006, Mr. Beast released and received modest reviews, which was followed by touring.

Mogwai released two more albums, in 2008 and 2010 that continued their success into the next decade. Both, The Hawk is Howling and Hardcore Will Never die, But You Will received the same recognition as their previous. In 2013, they began work on their latest album, which released in January the following year. Rave Tapes reached No. 10 on UK charts and continues to grow in popularity. Mogwai is currently on a world tour making notable stops in Tokyo, Japan and the Pitchfork Festival in Paris, France.