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Moby Concerts Schedule May 2019

May 20
Mon, 7:00 pm
New York, NY · Rubin Museum of Art

About Moby

Moby still brings people to their feet whenever they here his hits. You can never get too old to make dance and techno music.

Who is Moby?

Richard Melville Hall or Moby was born on September 11, 1965. He is an established singer and songwriter and a DJ and photographer as well.He has made a fortune by selling over 20 million albums is best known for his electronic music. He also supports animal rights and the vegan lifestyle.

Rise to Stardom

Moby first rose to fame with the help of his electronic dance music, which he experimented on by mixing techno and breakbeat hardcore music. He gained formal recognition when he released his fifth studio album entitled Play which featured electronica and house influenced music.

His first single was a complete failure. He teamed up with rapper Jimmy Mack and made a song entitled Time’s Up that featured several remixes, which hardly ever sold a copy. Then later in 1993, he signed with Mute Records and released an EP entitled Move, which then became his ticket to Top of the Pops. After that, he released his first album still under Mute Records entitled Everything is Wrong in 1995 which included a bonus cd called Underwater, which is a 43 minute instrumental ambient cd. Moby then released Animal Rights in 1996 and Play in 1999 where both succeeded in the musical run.

Released in 1999, it sold over 6000 copies in the opening week and later re-emerged in the tracks in the early part of 2000. Becoming an unexpected hit, it produced 8 carrier singles and has sold over 10 million copies around the globe. He later released an album entitled 18 which also brought him to the top by selling over 5 million copies and made outstanding positive reviews from music critics.

In 2005, he released another album named Hotel and was a little different from the other albums since it has mostly alternative music influences on it. Still, it sold 2 million copies world –wide but later received mixed reviews. He returned to the slow tempo music of electronica with the album Wait for Me and Destroyed in 2009 and 2011. His latest album, Innocents, was released on October 2013.

Moby is also known for producing and remixing music for artists such as Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Brian Eno, Pet Shop Boys, Britney Spears and other musical giants.

Moby has also co-written, produced, and remixed music forMichael Jackson,David Bowie,Daft Punk,Mylène Farmer,Brian Eno,Pet Shop Boys,Britney Spears,New Order,Public Enemy,Guns N' Roses,Metallica,Soundgarden, and others.[5]