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About Mika

Michael Holbrook Penniman, Jr, also known as “Mika” is a half British- Lebanese singer and a songwriter. His first recording play is Dodgy Holiday, and after that he released his debut album on Island Records called ”Life in Cartoon Motion”in 2007. This album had been sold for 5.6 million copies and more worldwide. Through this album he won the award for Best British Breakthrough act (Brit Award) and a nomination for Grammy award. 

Mika was born in Beirut, Lebanon on August 18, 1983. His father is an American Banker, his mother is lebanese woman and he had four siblings. Because of the war in Lebanon his family was forced to moved in  Paris. When he was seven years old, he composed his first ever piano instrumental song “Angry” which he interpreted it as “awful” piece. The first piece that he play in piano was "Les Champs-Élysées", by Joe Dassin. At the age of nine his family transferred to London where he attended Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle, in this school he received a severe verbal bullying. He was called the typical fag and other homophobic and horrible little comments that kids throw at each other during his childhood. His mother decided to take him in a home-based school for six months or more. Afterwards, Mika attended St. Philip’s School and he became the head of Schola Cantorum ( school’s choir) the second school is Westminster School and he also attended at Royal College School of Music. He had his opportunity to have his First album in Casablanca Records, and because some other people mispronounce his name he change “Mica” to “Mika”.

Career (Albums)

Mika’s limited first single “Relax, Take It Easy” (2006) a 7”/download (play listed in BBC Radio 1 in UK and had been Record of the week.), The Dodgy Holiday (availabe to download online) and “Billy Brown” (free download in iTunes Store for only a week) and in this album he had his issue about his sexuality. And in 2004, “Overrated” which is unofficially released.
Mika had his album “Grace Kelly” (January 8, 2007) this album got number one in UK Singles Chart. “Life in Cartoon Motion (february 5, 2007) .

A Musical Act “the tonight Show with Jay Leno (March 26, 2007 and February 14, 2008). He performed also on Jimmy Kimmel Live! ( March 27, 2007), So You Think You can Dance Live! (July 26, 2007). “ The Boy Who knew Too Much” released on September 21, 2009. In 2010 Mika released “Kick Ass (We Are Young) this is his new single and it became title track in “Kick-Ass” a 2010 film. “The Origin of Love” released on July 1, 2011 online, the fist track is “Elle me dit” (First french Track). “Celebrate” (2012) Mika also have many more guestings, interviews, videos and albums that got hit in charts and online. He got many awards as a Pop/Rock icon.