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surf, experimental, psychobilly, russian, electronic

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Messer Chups Concerts Schedule Mar 2019

Mar 29
Fri, 9:30 pm
Messer Chups
San Diego, CA · Soda Bar

Messer Chups Concerts Schedule Apr 2019

Apr 20
Sat, 8:00 pm
Messer Chups
Santa Ana, CA · La Santa

About Messer Chups

Messer Chups is an experimental band from St.Petersburg, Russia. The band was founded by Oleg Gitarkin who had previously performed with Oleg Kostrow under the name of Messer für Frau Müller. Messer Chups is often considered a "spin-off" band of Messer für Frau Müller. The band was originally a duo of Gitarkin on bass guitar and Annette Schneider who played the synths. In period 2000-2002 Messer Chups consisits of Gitarkin and Igir Vdovin on Synth. (