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About Mc Zali

Is Russian music artist and is known as a VJ (Video Jockey), producer, vocalist, poet and clubber; MC Zali was born on August 13, 1982, in the Russian city of “Kazan”. The humorous MC is popular in a range of genres that include club house, comedy rap, disco, disco house, Downtempo, Eurodance, funky house, hip-hop/rap, Latin house, pop rap, R & B, reggae, synth-pop, na dvocal house. He is currently based in Russia and loves to visit major clubs in Kazan and Moscow. He frequently visits “Disco Club Arena”, Four Room”, “Jet Set”, “State 51”, “Fashion Club”, ”Club TSKZH”, ”Disco Club Pyramid” and “Club Thirteen”. He is also the champ of channel “TNT”s“Laughter Without Rules and the former member of “KVN”s “Four Tartar” and “Comedy Club Kazan”, and now he is widely known as the best master of ceremony of microphone art of “Tartrazan”.

MC Zali is known to perform with the best DJ and artist across Russia. The disc jockey he had worked with/for includes “DJ Tsvetkov”, “DJ Lantern”, “DJ Neitrino”, “DJ Viper”, “DJ Vini”, “DJ Natasha Urman”, “DJ Ivan Rudyk”, “DJ Lvov”, “DJ Tina Charles”, “DJ Antono Newmark”, “DJ Suhov”, “DJ Polina”, “DJ Matisse”, “DJ Smash”, “DJ Riga” and many more.

The MC has amazing talent when at the age of 13 he began to write songs and shows versatility in his talent and is very active in the field of music. He enrolled in vocational school taking up music related course and in the year 2000, he entered to “Kazan University of Culture and Arts”. He formed “KVN” when he was in the university and came up a teamnamed “FOUR Tatarinov”, a major league and then he formed a vocal project “FT”. After a couple of years the project failed and Zali enter a solo career. This became the path to his popularity and soon conquered the Russian music scene by waves and storm that is MC Zali’s style.

Zali was recognized as “Best MC” and “Best Musician” according to DPA 2010. He’s the man behind to such a well known hits like “Cloud”, “Paradise’, “All in the Hall”, “Do the OP, “Living in a Rush” and “Alain Will”.