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About Matchbox Twenty

Matchbox Twenty is a hard rock band from Florida, the name of which was inspired by a simple box of matches with number 20 on it. The frontman of the band is Rob Thomas. He spent most of his youth traveling between South Carolina where his grandmother lived and Florida, the someplace of his mother. After finishing school, Rob escaped from his hard family life and went to the South-East of the country, hitchhiking and getting into trouble. The only thing that did not change that time was music he loved more and more. He was inspired by the movie songs and popular bands of that time. He wrote songs of his own and developed his vocal, approaching the level of the local rock bands. Having come to Orlando, he met Paul Doucette and Brian Yale and formed a small band with them. Later they found two guitarists and the full group was born. The name of it was Tabitha’s Secret.

The new band was playing as warmups for a few major musicians and released some albums which were not really popular. They were liked by a small group of fans but did not bring much success.

The fame came when Thomas changed the line-up and formed a new band – Matchbox Twenty this time. Their debut album was released in 1996 and that was a real breakthrough. But still the popularity did not spread further than their home state, because their music was too special for the mass audience.

The world knew about Rod Thomas after his collaboration with Carlos Santana. He got three Grammies for his Smooth, and after that the People listed his as one of the most beautiful people of the planet. That was the success he wanted so long. The next years were full of work: Thomas took part in many projects and worked with famous people like Paul Wilson, Mik Jagger and many more. But his solo career did not destroy the Matchbox Twenty. The group released two more albums, both quite successful. After which the musicians decided to take a break.

Matchbox Twenty tour 2017

The group is on tour now. The Matchbox Twenty tour dates are from now on till the 7 of October. The musicians are touring in the USA and Canada. Their concerts will take place in Birmingham, Nashville, Charlotte, Saratoga Springs, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Denver and Toronto in Canada.

Matchbox Twenty reviews

It ended up being a beautiful night. Great show!
Matchbox 20 was spectacular and Rob Thomas' son played guitar on 1 song.
Wonderful to see them perform, appreciate the fact that it was really hot and sticky. Can't imagine how miserable it must have been for them. Saved for a few months to afford good seats. Totally disappointed that they chose to skip several of their most notable songs. Round Here, Accidentally in Love and Mr. Jones to name a few. I understand they must get tired of playing those same songs, but those are the songs that the crowd likes and they are fan favorites, some of which put them on the map. Lead singer Adam did very little crowd or fan interaction, he seemed less than thrilled to be here and maybe a little tired. He's very talented, we were very much looking forward to seeing them and were very disappointed. Matchbox on the other hand was amazing. High energy and they put on a great show. I would see them again anytime.
Great... Just a little disappointed Crows didn't play any of their big hits.
I can't believe I missed Rob Thomas last night I know it was awesome
Amazing show, Rob Thomas and Kyle Cook knocked it out of the park
Match box killed it ?great show
Rob Thomas & Matchbox are always the best!!!
Excellent concert!!! Charlie was amazing!!!
Counting Crows really should have played Mr. Jones!!! Matchbox Twenty was pretty Great!
Matchbox 20 was the best concert I've seen in Reno! Unfortunately, I can't say the same for Counting Crows.
Best concert that I've been to!