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Masta Ace Concerts Schedule Dec 2018

Dec 14
Fri, 7:00 pm
Masta Ace, Marco Polo
Stuttgart · Schräglage (Schraglage)
Dec 19
Wed, 8:00 pm
Masta Ace, Marco Polo
Hannover · Faust - 60er Jahre Halle
Dec 20
Thu, 8:00 pm
Masta Ace
Leipzig · Distillery
Dec 21
Fri, 8:30 pm
Masta Ace, Marco Polo
Duisburg · Grammatikoff
Dec 30
Sun, 8:00 pm
Masta Ace, Marco Polo
Brooklyn, NY · Knitting Factory

About Masta Ace

Masta Ace (born Duval Clear) is a rapper from Brooklyn, New York. Appearing on the classic 1988 posse cut, The Symphony, he garnered notoriety as an unsung asset to the Juice Crew posse, and is therefore, widely considered one on the roster, where he released a number of well-respected albums that were nonetheless little-heard outside purist circles. The single that has earned him the most attention has been Jeep Ass Niguh (alternatively known as "Born To Roll", essentially a remix which uses the track from Def Jam artist Original Concept's "Knowledge Me"). (