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About Marina & the Diamonds

Born in 1985, Marina Lambrini Diamandis (Marina and the Diamonds) is a new wave electronic artist from Pandy, Wales. Her sound is a collaboration of dance and indie pop. Similar artist include Lady GagaLana Del Rey, Sky Ferreira, and Katy Perry. Marina gained success in the late 2000-2009 decade, following the popular new dance wave. The instrumentation in her music consists of vocals, piano, keyboards, organ, ukulele, and electronic samples.

In her youth, Marina experienced the discomforts of a divorced family. When her parents split, her father moved back to Greece. As a child she lived with her mother; however, went to Greece when she was older. When she hit adolescence, Marina began trying to find her way into arts and music. She attended a dance school and tried out for the Broadway play, The Lion King; yet, neither worked out.

In 2007, she began recording at her home studio and released her debut single Mermaid vs. Sailor. The unsolicited music gained the attention of music reps, which led to her deal with 679 Recordings. After inking her contract she hit the studio to work on her first major project. In 2009, Marina released her debut single, “Obsessions.” The song put Marina on the music charts and started her path towards musical stardom. Furthering her musical portfolio, the singer followed the release with her Ep, “The Crown Jewels.” The single didn’t capture huge success; yet, it held her over until her fall release of “Mowgli’s Road.” The song became very popular gaining mainstream and critical acclaim. The BBC ranked her as the second leading artist of the year in Europe.

Continuing her fame, she dropped her first album, The Family Jewels in February 2010. The album sold over 500,000 copies and made Marina an international success. She re-released the album in the US in the spring and captured the same respect she had in Europe. The record featured five singles including “I Am Not a Robot,” which all became fan favorites. Marina and the Diamond’s followed the record with a European and US tour.

In 2011, she began work on a new album and released a few singles. Her most notable single “Primadonna” became her most popular song and featured on her newest record. Electra Heart dropped in 2012 and developed into her biggest album to date. The record stayed on UK billboard charts for weeks and received fair amount of attention in the US. One year later, Marina announced she was working on a new project. She currently has no shows available and a new record is yet to transpire.