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Marilyn Manson Concerts Schedule Dec 2018

Dec 31
Mon, 2:30 pm
Ozzy Osbourne, Zakk Sabbath, Rob Zombie and others 4
Inglewood, CA · The Forum

Marilyn Manson Concerts Schedule Jan 2019

Jan 15
Tue, 7:00 pm
Marilyn Manson
Los Angeles, CA · Hollywood Palladium

About Marilyn Manson

Brian Warner, better known as Marilyn Manson, was born in a small town of Canton, Ohio. His parents were not anyhow related to show business, his mother being a nurse and his father a furniture seller. The family was religious, but the parents belonged to different confessions. Brian’s father was a catholic and his mother went to the protestant church. They were both trying to raise their son in religious traditions, and he went to the Episcopal church.

At 5, Brian went to school which was also religious. He finished 10 classes after which the family moved to Fort Lauderdale in Florida. After school, Brian didn’t enter any university or college but started his career in a music magazine as a journalist. He was writing articles, interviewing celebrities and did other jobs being a reporter, a journalist and a critic at the same time. In his free time, he started to write poems.

In 1989, Brian Warner and his friend decided to start a rock band. The idea was to create shocking images which they did and took bright stage names. Brian Warner became Marilyn Manson, the first part of the name taken from Marilyn Monroe and the last from the serial killer Charles Manson. His friend Scott became Daisy Berkowitz, again with a female character’s first a a killer’s last name. The other members of the band used the same principle. The band were promoting the image of their «satanist» frontman.

At first, the group were playing as a warmup for Nine Inch Nails. Their leader tried to help the young musicians and suggested giving shows during their concerts. Later his idea developed, and now we can see all kinds of weird things at Marilyn Manson concerts: from shaved goat heads to the band members wearing female lingerie.

Thus, the group became popular even before their first album was released which happened in 1994. The album was conceptual telling the story of Charles Manson and his killers Family. It became Gold, but did not bring extra popularity to the group.

The second album that came out two years later, made them famous all over North America. Two of its songs hut the international charts. But together with fame, Marilyn Manson also gained negative reaction for Antichrist propaganda and using the satanic image. After that, the third album was more of a glam rock style.

Marilyn Manson is not only a singer and performer. He also has a number go roles in movies and series. Besides, he paints pictures, and his paintings were exhibited in Los Angeles, Miami, Athens, Paris, Vienna, Moscow and Berlin.

Marylin Manson tour 2017

Marilyn Manson 2017 tour is on now, with the group coming to Hungary, Poland, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, UK and the USA. Marilyn Manson tour tickets are available online. Marilyn Manson tour dates are from now on till the 9 of December.