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techno, minimal, minimal techno, electronic, tech house

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Marco Carola Concerts Schedule Dec 2018

Dec 31
Mon, 11:00 pm
Marco Carola, Jamie Jones
Miami, FL · Club Space

Marco Carola Concerts Schedule Jan 2019

Jan 5
Sat, 3:00 pm
Marco Carola
Mar del Plata · Playa Mute - Paraje Alfar, Rotonda el Faro
Jan 6
Sun, 3:00 pm
Marco Carola
Santa María · Zebra Beach

Marco Carola Concerts Schedule Feb 2019

Feb 8
Fri, 11:00 pm
Marco Carola
Manchester · Albert Hall

About Marco Carola

Marco Carola is a global ambassador of techno. From Napoli in the south of Italy, Marco was instrumental in the development of the electronic scene in the early 90s, he took the flourishing techno Neapolitan scene to the rest of the world. Over twenty years later and Marco is still one of the most respected artists amongst the techno scene, widely regarded as one of the key factors in driving the genre towards worldwide recognition within electronic music (