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reggae, latin, alternative, world, ska


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About Manu Chao

Manu Chao is a French/Spanish musician, singer and lyricist who was born in 1961. Chao started his music career with some local bands in the city of France. He joined several bands including Los Carayos and Hot Pants. Chao thought about forming his own band around in 1987. Chao, with his cousin Santiago Casariego and his brother Antoine, formed a band called “Mano Negra”. The band became popular within a short period of time in Europe. He was with the band until 1995. Chao was very interested about music in his childhood. He was deeply impacted by bands like The Clash, The Jam and other bands from UK.

His band, Mano Negra was really a successful project of Chao which was signed to Virgin Records. The band released studio album, entitled “Patchanka.” After the release of the album, the band had achieved several opportunities including a South American Musical Tour in 1992. But the band had a very short run. Antoine decided to leave to band and Chao decided to quit the band’s activities in 1995. And Chao wanted to form another band. The new band included members from other bands. Most of the members Chao selected were experienced and professional musicians. They had diverse cultural backgrounds. So, Chao hoped to create something different in Latin this time which will be unlike Mano Negra. Chao voiced in most of the songs in Spanish. In 1998, “Clandestino” was released under his own name.But the album was not successful one. It was a great commercial failure. But Chao was given an award called “Victoires de la Musique Award” in the category of 'Best World Music Album'. Chao came up with a second album in 2001, entitled “Próxima Estación: Esperanza,”. This album was given serious Caribbean influence by Chao. This album became popular within a very short time which gave Chao opportunity to tour many places. Chao returned to his French styles and his next album, “Sibérie m'était contée” was in French language. He released “Baionarena” in 2009.