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About Madonna

Madonna: The Pop Legend. When celebrities have reached a certain point of their careers, it can be quite difficult to remember what made them popular in the first place. Just take a look at Madonna for example. It has become quite difficult for many of her fans to appreciate her music because media has been more focused on discussing her lifestyle.

For your information, one of the greatest achievements that Madonna ever has is that she was able to manipulate the media, her publicity, her videos and her image. In fact, Madonna is the only female pop start that has complete control of what music she will play and how her image will be. For all you Madonna fans out there, it is always best that we come back to where it all started.

The Beginning of A Legend Madonna always has high dreams of becoming a great ballet dancer. This is why she decided to move from her home in Michigan to New York in 1997 to finally pursue her dream. She became a member of the Patrick Hernandez Revue and she traveled with the group all over Paris. When she got back in New York, she and her then- boyfriend Dan Gilroy built a group called The Breakfast Club where she played the drums. After sometime, she became the vocalist of the said band. She left the band and started recording some tracks with her boyfriend Stephen Bray. These records found its way to Mark Kamins who forwarded it to Sire Records and that is where it all started.

The Road To Stardom It was Kammins who paved the way for the launching of Madonna's first single-- “Everybody”. It was followed by a series of other hit albums such as “Physical Attraction” in 1983, “Holiday”, “Like a Virgin” in 1984, and many more. Some of her number one hit album are “ Like a Virgin” and “Open Your Heart”.

The Comeback of A Star After sometime, Madonna has decided to enter the movie industry but unfortunately, her movie tanked. She then proceeded to make collaboration with some of the most popular musicians of today. Her latest single is M.D.N.A which was launched early 2012. This album featured some tracks from Orbit and DJ Martin Solveig. This very successful album debuted in the first place all over the world, including USA and UK. In the same year, she proceeded to go on a world tour.