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About Madeon

Hugo Pierre Leclercq, more popularly known as Madeon, is a French performer, who specializes in electro house and disco music.He became popular through his hit single, entitled Pop Culture. It was initially shown in YouTube and it received millions of hits in just a matter of days. His first Extended Play, The City, was released in the market in 2012.

He was born on the 30th of May of the year 1994.Madeon is a self described electro-pop-house producer from Nantes, France.

He began to compose music at a tender age of 11 years old. He adapted a nu-disco style and released an album, “Madeon” in 2010. By the fall that year, he garnered more popularity for winning an award for his remix of The Island by Pendulum. It was given praises by popular performers like Skrillex and the front an Rob Swire.

He also made a remix of Yelle’s “Que veux tu” and deadau5’s Raise your Weapon in 2011. It was admired by deadau5 as well. He expressed his appreciation in Facebook and other forms of social media. In the year 2011, a video of Pop Culture had gone viral. It was a live mash up of the original version. It combines about 39 pop songs into one

Leclerq has been featured in any interviews, such as the 15 Minutes of Fame. It is a part of the radio show of Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1. He also performed a 20 minute set for a show organized by Pete Tong to display the new talents in the electronic music. For this, he performed some of his own songs and merges other songs, as well.

Daft Punk and The Beatles were cited as major influences for his music.For his performances, he make use of Novation’s Launchpad. FL Studio was his chosen music production program.

A debut of EP was set to be made public in 2012, but was rather cancelled because many of his singles are already released. Recently, Madeon partnered with Ellie Goulding to come up with Stay Awake. However, it was not delivered in time, and was released the following year.

Madeon toured with Lady Gaga as an opening act for her Born This Way Ball. In 2013, Madeon released a single entitled, “Technicolor”. Madeon worked with Lady Gaga for her songs, “Gypsy”, “Venus”, and “Mary Jane Holland”.

In 2014, Madeon released on his website a track labelled “Cut The Kid”. It is for free downloading and was created at around 2011 to 2012.