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About Louis Armstrong

This man of Jazz was born in New Orleans which was considered to be the “Birthplace of Jazz”. Louis Armstrong lead a lonely life. Louis studied in Fisk School for All Boys. At the same time, he earns money by hauling coal and delivering newspapers. When he was 11, he dropped out of school and decided to join the quartet in order to make money. During that time, he got into some kind of trouble and was sent to a home designed to care for troubled boys. During his stay, Louis joined a band where he was able to learn how to play the cornet. When he was released from the home, he went back to selling newspapers. When he has free time, he listened to some music from various bands.

Joe King Oliver was a famous player and he took a liking to this boy. Because of that, he invested his time mentoring Louis. After that, Louis performed in various steam boats which go around the Mississippi River. During that time, he was given an opportunity to improve his skills further and he even learned how to read musical notes. In 1922, Oliver asked Louis to join the a certain band living in Chicago. With his talent, he was able to play with band for almost two years,

In order to build his career, Louis decided to leave Chicago and headed to New York. During this time, Louis decided to try out the trumpet so that he can be able to blend properly with other instruments in the trumpet section. The New York jazz market has taken a liking to his energy and positive attitude as well as incomparable music skills. After a year, he went to Chicago and he recorded his first song with his own bad called “the Hot Five”. During the recording, Louis lost his sheet and he sang in syllables. The sound of Louis' unpredictable rhythms has became an inspiration to many musicians. By the 20th century, Louis was considered as one of the most popular jazz musicians in the whole world.