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About Loreen

Lorine Zineb Nora Talhaoui (Loreen) was born on October 16, 1983 in Stockholm. Her parents were Moroccan immigrants and she was raised in a Muslim household.

During her childhood days, she moved to Västerås. She considered that place as her hometown, and spent most of her teenage years there. She is a popular and well respected Swedish artist and producer.

The following year, the same contest was held in Malmo, where she was invited to perform during the semi final and grand final nights. With her interest and passion in music, she joined the Swedish Idol 2004 TV. She was only 21 years old then. Some of her masterpieces during the event include songs of Britney SpearsPolice, and Stevie Wonder. This young and talented lady battled her way through the semis and finished 4th overall.

In 2005, she released her very first single entitled “The Snake”, in collaboration with the band Rob’n’Raz and was chosen to be a presenter on TV400. She decided to take a break for a while and made a huge comeback in 2011.

While working as a producer and director for many Swedish reality shows in 2011, she released another song “My Heart Is Refusing Me” in Sweden. She tried joining the Eurovision Song Contest but she wasn’t so lucky to make it to the final round. A lot of people actually thought that it would be her moment.

But, that failure did not stop Loreen to try harder. The following year, she joined the same contest and she succeeded. She has represented her country in the prestigious Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 in Azerbaijan, singing “Euphoria” and won the event.

Composed by Thomas and Bostrom, the song was driven along by a very inspiring trance beat and flaunted Loreen’s very powerful voice. After she won, that song became viral in most parts of Europe. In UK, it even ranked 3rd in the charts and it remained in the top 20 for quite some time. In other places like Germany and France, it ranked first.

Her debut album entitled “Heal” was launched later that year. It likewise entered the top chart in Sweden. Much more is still expected from this very fine young lady. More offers to do albums, TV guesting, modeling, and perhaps acting are sure to come.