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About London Grammar

London Grammar is an Electronic trio that was formed in 2012 on Nottingham, England. The members are Dominic “Dot” Major (Keyboard, percussion), Hannah Reid (vocalist) and Dan Rothman (guitarist), they met at University of Nottingham in year 2009. Rothman asked Reid to work with him and later on Dot joined in the group as well. After their graduation, they moved to London to take their journey in their music career and it was happened. They discovered by Conor Wheeler which became their manager and soon after they begin their gigs in the local bars and it was victorious. They discovered by the A&R Label and they signed a recording contract with Ministry of Sound. In the year 2012 they were collaborated with Rollo Armstrong, Liam Howe, Tim Bran and Roy Kerr which they released a recordings with them. Upon continuing their career, they released their first EP entitled “Metal & Dust” that was released on February 25, 2013 prior to the released of the debut album. It consists of 4 tracks including “Hey Now”, Wasting my Young Years” and a remix version of “Hey Now” that was made by Dot Major.

The band released their first debut album called “If You Wait” on September 9, 2013 through Metal & Dust and Ministry of Sound produced by Tim Bran as well as Roy Kerr. The album reached number 2 in UK Album Chart and it was sold for about 33, 130 copies on its first week but later on it got 300,000 copies in UK that became Certified Platinum by BPI and 70,000 copies in Australia which is a Certified Platinum Records also by ARIA. It was the 5th place Bestselling album in the year 2014 and they won the “Best Song Musically” along with “Lyrically Category”. As the band keep on going, they were featured in the UK’s number one album “Settle” for the song Help Me Lose My Mind that was out on June 2013. After that, they’ve recorded 2 live songs that was released and played in European Music Festivals in the same year. In the present year, they had an opportunity to perform in Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. They played the song “Strong” as well as “Wasting My Young Years”.