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About Lifehouse

Lifehouse is an American rock band that was formed on 1999 in Los Angeles California. The members are Ben Carey (Lead guitarist), Jason Wade (Lead vocalist, Rhythm guitarist), Bryce Soderberg (Bass guitarist backing vocals), Rick Woolstenhulme Jr. (Drummer, percussionist). The former members are Sean Woolstenhulme, Sergio Andrade, Jon “Diff” Palmer and Grant Powell.

The band started when Jason and Sergio met in Los Angeles in the year 1995. Jason started composing a song after the divorce of his parents while Sergio was playing bass and they were neighbors. One year later, they met Jon and they formed the band “Blyss” and they begin to perform in school affairs in high school and colleges also. The group met Ron Aniello who became the bridge to Jude who introduced them to the Michael Ostin (DreamWorks Records). That was the beginning of their career as a band, Ron produced their first demo tape and their EP called “Diff’s Lucky Day” which they released in their concerts, friends and other recording shop.

In the year 2000, they changed their name as “Lifehouse” which they released again the “Diff’s Lucky Day” with different style and with remixes. In the same year they released their first debut album called “No Name Face” on October 31, 2000 by DreamWorks Record. The album received positive feedback from the critics and aside from that it was ranked as number 6 in US Billboard 200 as well as Certified x Platinum Record by RIAA and CRIAA and their track You and Me was featured in "Smallville: The Metropolis Mix".

2 years later, they introduced their 2nd album called “Stanley Climbfall” on September 17, 2002 that was sold 500,000 copies all over US and reached 2 million all over the world. Followed by their 3rd album with a self-titled “Life house” in the year 2005 by Geffen Records. Some of their songs are featured in some series and movie like Gavin & Stacey, Grey’s Anatomy, Medium and Scrubs. While in 2006, one of his song “Good Enough” was been used in Disney movie “The Wild”.

As the band continue, they released 3 albums more from 2007 to 2012 such as “Who we Are” that was out on June 18, 2007, “Smoke & Mirror” on March 2, 2010 and “Almeria” which they worked together with Natasha Bedingfield on December 11, 2012. Their album became viral in social media as well as in the market that sold million copies and became Certified Gold Records. They believe, pursuing, and showing what talent they have.