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singer-songwriter, folk, canadian, blues, rock


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About Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen is a Canadian singer who was born in Westmount, a place in Montreal, in 1934. He is also a poet and novelist. He started composing folk-rock music in the 60s. Many people remember him because of the great song "Hallelujah”. This song was released on “Various Positions”, in 1984. Cohen has been given Grammy Award in 2010.

During 1960s, Cohen started receiving appreciations. In 1966, an album called “In My Life” was released by Judy Collins, and Cohen wrote two songs ("Suzanne" and "Dress Rehearsal Rag”) for the album. And in the year 1967, his written song, "Suzanne” was modified into a pop rendition by Noel Harrison. By the end of 1967, Cohen released his first major album called “The Songs of Leonard Cohen”. And this album also included “Suzanne". But it was Cohen’s personal edition. The album had many popular singles including "Master Song," as well as "Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye".

After two year, Cohen came up with “Songs from a Room”. This album had many beautiful songs including “Bird on a Wire." And after this album, “Songs of Love and Hate” was released which had "Famous Blue Raincoat”, “Avalanche" and other nice songs. By the end of the decade, he worked for three more albums and released them time to time.

Cohen also worked for soundtracks. He worked for the soundtrack for the film called “Night Magic” with Lewis Furey (a fellow songwriter). And later Cohen released “Various Positions”. This is the top selling album of Cohen. The album includes the most beautiful song “Hallelujah”. This song has been sung by so many people and singers. Still this song is covered in many occasions and shows. This album received international appeal and appreciation.

He has been active in music and from 1980 to 2012; Cohen released smart number of albums like “I'm Your Man”, “The Future” and “Dear Heather”. He signed with Sony Music and released an album which includes live songs performed by Cohen.

In 2012, at the age of seventy seven, he came up with “Old Ideas”. He is still active in music tours and concerts.