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Led Zeppelin Concerts Schedule Jun 2019

Jun 13
Thu, 8:00 pm
Led Zeppelin
Clearwater, FL · Capitol Theatre

About Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin

If you are an avid rock fan, then Led Zepellin is no stranger to you. With hits like Stairway to Heavan, Zep has immortalized heir place in the Rock and Roll Hll of Fame forever.

Who is Led Zeppelin

Le Zeppelin is a rock band from England that was formed in 1968. It consisted of Jimmy Paige (guitars), Robert Plant (vocals), John Paul Jones (bass) and John Bonham on durms. They were considered to be highly influenced by blues music in their earlier albums but was later considered to be progenitors of heavy metal. The band’s first name was the New Yardbirds but later changed into Led Zeppelin.

Rise to fame

They began their first concert tour on October 1968 still recognized as te New Yardbirds but played their first show as Led Zeppelin in Battersea. Their self titled album Led Zeppelin was released in 1969 and grabbed he number 0 spot on the Billboard Chart, when it was released in the UK it hooked he number 6 place in the English Charts. Memorable guitar riffs and psychedelic blues caught the attention of listeners worldwide and made a turn around for hard rock and heavy metal.

Later that year, they released their album Led Zeppelin II, which was said to be brutal and direct and earned lots of fans from around the world. After that, Paige and Plant went on a hiatus to work on their 3rd album namely Led Zeppelin III that had mxed ractions because of the transition from a heavy metal approach to a more acoustic and celtic like sound. But still it earned the number 1 spot in the UK Hit charts nonetheless.

Their 4th album entitled Led Zeppelin IV or just IV to some people was released in 1971 and had more than 37 million copies sold and was considered to be the best rock album ever created and sold. Their fifth album entitled House of the Holy also topped charts worldwide.

Sadly, Bonham, Zeppelin’s drummer died while he was sleeping due to asphyxiation due to vomiting. He was cremated and the band broke up later that year.