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About La Roux

La Roux was born on March 12, 1988 in London. She is considered to be the best electropop project of Elly Jackson. She sings very well and plays the keyboard. Everything started out as a duo in 2008 and became a solo artist in 2011 after Jackson’s partner left the group.

Her music was very much inspired by the 80s genre. Most includes Depeche ModeHeaven 17PrinceEurythmics, and more.

Her screen name, La Roux, was chosen after she read it from a book containing baby names. It comes from the mix of French masculine word for “redhead” and the feminine article “the” refers to her unique hair style.

In 2006, she collaborated with Langmaid. They wrote several acoustic songs.

In 2008, she released their first single called “Quicksand”, ranking number 129 on UK’s top chart. Soon thereafter, she released their debut album La Roux under Polydor records. The album ranked 2nd on UK charts and 158th in America. It was a huge hit, averaging more than 500,000 copies across the globe.

Her next single “In for the Kill” was made available to the public in 2009. This ranked 11th in UK and peaked at the 2nd spot. Remixes were made and all came out as a big success.

“Bulletproof” was released in 2009 and debuted at rank 1 on UK singles chart. It was rank 8 in America. It belonged to the top 25 on Rolling Stone’s list of best songs of the year. “I’m Not Your Toy” was her fourth single and as expected, it was also part of the UK singles chart list.

She was also labeled as one of the Best New Acts of 2009. Her debut album has been nominated for a Mercury prize. She also got the 2010 BRIT award nominations for “In for the Kill”. It belongs to the categories British Single and British Breakthrough Act.

They bagged the NME Award for Best Dance Floor Filler for the same song. Their group was likewise featured several times on the NME 50 Best Tracks in the year 2009.

At present, she is working on a new album. Much more is expected from this very talented artist. She will continue to make good music, especially for her fans who were there through her ups and downs. She will continue to inspire more people with her music.