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LMFAO are America’s top electro hop duo. Gordy and SkyBlu started their partnership first formed in 2006 in California. Talent in music runs their family. Their very first single, “I’m in Miami Bitch” was released in 2008 and place as number 51 in the billboard hot 100 soon after. Majority of there are party rock.

The duo can make different types of records, and they are very serious about their work. Music is their way of communicating to other people. Just like others who do software apps, write drama scripts, they are designing something for perfect use in parties and clubs, and they are very good at it.

Without a doubt, the duo were having fun, celebrating their triumphs by partying to the very intense songs they have composed. Most of their works are truly irresistible not only in clubs but also in the radios. They grew up listening to the music of Eminem, Tupac, Mos Def, and more. They all serve as an inspiration for them.

LMFAO started to go on tours. They feel so blessed to be given the opportunity to do the things they like and get recognition for it. Hard work really paid off as they were liked by many fans and were successful in selling millions of copies of their first album. They even got a bonus for being nominated for Best Dance or Electronic Album at the Grammys.

The huge success of their first album was just the beginning of something bigger and better. They became even more determined to produce more epic party music, and now their main goal is to dominate the clubs and radios.

Nobody can say that LMFAO’s success was only because of luck. Both guys have been working so hard for several years now and their talent and passion for the kind of music they make since their teenage years were truly amazing.

LMFAO will continue to create more music and soundtracks for party people. Many games have already adopted their songs, including their styles when it comes to clothing. More and more invitations to do concert tours and DJ sets are coming. LMFAO’s is certainly one of the biggest names in the music industry today. More installments of their albums, which aims to deliver fun and excitement, are expected to be released in months or years to come.