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Krewella Concerts Schedule Jan 2019

Jan 5
Sat, 10:00 pm
Chicago, IL · The Mid

About Krewella

Krewella: From Punk To Rock To Metal. America is in awe of the amazing talent of the members of Krewella. Their electronic music acts are something that every American wish to see and watch.

Who is Krewella? The band is composed of three members-- Jahan, Rainman and Yasmine. Jahan and her sister Yasmine work together in creating the lyrics of their songs. On the other hand, Jahan also helps Rainman in creating the band;s signature sound.

How It Started This trio who once create and enjoy their music in their vert artsy neighborhood was discovered in 2012. In the same year, they have launched on national stage their first album “Killin It”: Posted on Facebook, the video achieved thousands of likes and was shared virally on every social networking sites imaginable. Their dubstep-infused electronic sound featuring great female vocals is something new to the audience and they absolutely love it. For the band, they are just about to get started.

Their EP “Play Hard” features their signature music which many fans die to hear. The masculine and very powerful drumming blended well with the amazing music and vocals from the two sisters. Because of this, the band always has gig shows which never fails to drive in music lovers and avid fans. Tickets for their live shows always get sold pretty fast. With this, we can say that Krewella had definitely conquered the music scene. Their music reek of sensuality, oozing of sexiness and dizzying (in a good way) melody. The blending of the music that these three make is surely captivating and will wake up almost all your senses.

Their Music Influence So, how did the group came up with this unique, soothing and nerve-wracking sound? According to one of the vocalist-- Jahan Yousef-- their sound was a product of the wide array of music genres that they have heard as they are growing up. During their childhood and teenage years, the music genres that they would commonly listen to include pop, metal and punk. All of these can be heard from the music that they make. Although many people would associate them with dub step, their EP also include other music style such as moombahton and progressive house.

For the trio, their early success is just a warm-up. Expect lots of great things to come from these talented music stars.