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electronic, trip-hop, drum and bass, female vocalists, electronica


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About Kosheen

Kosheen is a trio from Bristol, England. The lineup consists of Markee Ledge, Darren Decoder and singer Sian Evans. The meaning of the band’s name is quite interesting because it is taken from Japanese language meaning “Old” and “New”. The band released their first album entitled “Resist “in 2001. Soon after the release, the album was number eight in the U.K. hit chart. Some singles like "Hide U", "Harder" "Catch" and “(Slip & Slide) Suicide", were popular.

Their second album was released in 2003 on Sony and Moksha recordings. The album focused on guitar riff rather than bass and drums beats. The album broke many top positions of other bands in UK and reached number seven in the hit list. "All In My Head" was a great single from the album. In 2007, they released “Damage” in Europe. Two singles "Professional Friend" and "Analogue Street Dub were not seen in the European edition. The fourth album was named "Independence". The album contains "Get A New One" as the first track of the album. The other tracks of the album are "Tightly", "Harder They Fall", "Sign", "Spies", "Waste", "Addict", "Shut U Out", and "I Don't Need It". In 2011, the trio informed about the next album via their facebook pages. And in 2012, the album was released. The second single from the album, "Holding On", invited Susie Ledge as the guest vocalist.

In 2013, they released "Solitude". But before the release of the album Kosheen had released some singles like "Harder They Fall". The trio is a popular band in many places. The music videos of the band were also hit in the TV shows and internet. Some of their music videos include "(Slip & Slide) Suicide", "Get A New One", "Catch", "Catch (BCDJ's Lounge Mix)", "Guilty", "Mannequin", "Holding On", "All In My Head", "Hide U", "Harder" and others. The band has got a different style by following a trio lineup which is rare to find nowadays. The band is active it regular practice and programs. Soon it will come up with its new album. It also has got some awards and recognitions from prestigious sources.