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About Knife Party

Knife party is an Australian music duo formed by Rob Swire (born on November 5, 1982) and Gareth McGrillen (Born on October 16, 1982). They both member of a rock band ‘Pendulum’ (Bass and Drum band) they formed Knife Party as their side project.

The First EP of Knife Party is “100% no Modern Talking” was released on December 12, 2011 by Warner Bros Records it was free download in Facebook and SoundCloud. This album consist of 4 tracks “Internet friends” that had been ranked 106 in Ultratop Belgium Chart and number 9 in UK Dance Chart, “Destroy them with Lazers”, “Tourniquet” and “Fire Hive”. One year later, they introduced their 2nd EP called “Rage Valley” with originally named -Fuck EM- but later on it became “for secret shady reasons you will never know” on May 27 and got number 75 in US Chart also number 71 in UK. The tracks included “Sleaze” that afterward it changed to “Until they Kick us Out” released on May 27, 2012 and –Bonfire- that had been featured in AMC’s Breaking bad episode on fifth season.

“Haunted House” is their 3rd extended play that came out on May 6, 2013 by Earstorm and Big Beat. The EP ranked number 3 on “iTunes Top 10 Albums Chart” and amazingly got number 1 hit in “Electro House Album”. Not only that, it was also in number 75 at Billboard top 200 and number 17 in Canadian Album chart .. They held their “Haunted House” Tour in New York, Chicago, Denver, Oakland and Los Angeles.

In one of their interview and that came out in news, Rob revealed that he will take a leave for about six months in the month of July to record a new songs. But in the present year, Swire exposed that the album was almost completed with the title “Abandon Ship”. But due to finishing process they never tell when the release of their new album. The Knife Party team up with Swedish House of Mafia in the song “Antidote” that was released in December 16, 2011 featuring the rapper Adam Baptiste also known as ADL. In the first week upon releasing the album sold 46,757 copies and got number one in UK Dance Chart and number 3 in Single Chart.