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Keane Concerts Schedule Dec 2030

Dec 30
Mon, 6:30 pm
Belfast · Odyssey Arena

About Keane

Tom Chaplin and Tim Rice-Oxley are friends since childhood and schoolmates at Vinehall School in "East Sussex", England. When they transferred to Tonbridge School, Tim met Dominic Scott. They all discovered their passion to music when they were teenagers, but they did not consider music to be their career that time. In 1993, Tim studied classics degree in University College London. Together with Dominic, Tim formed a rock band. They asked Richard Hughes to get on the drums for the band. They named their band "Lotus Eaters". The band covers songs by The BeatlesOasis and U2.

In 1997, Tim was invited to join the band Coldplay because of his talent in playing the piano. But Tim did not want to leave his band The Lotus Eaters that is why he rejected the offer. Then Tim invited Tom to join the band Kean, leading vocals and playing acoustic guitar. When Tom joined the band, they changed the name to Cherry Keane. Cherry Keane was a friend of Tom’s mother that took care and encouraged him and Tim to pursue even when they were still young.

In 1999, the band recorded “Call Me What You Like” even if they do not have a record deal. They made their own label, Zoomorphic and released their single in CD’s after performing at different pubs. Their five hundred copies of their CD were sold out, but they also make it available in the internet. Their song “Closer Now” was reviewed to be the best in their released album. In 2000, Keane was invited by James Sanger, a record producer, in his studio. They recorded the songs “Bedshaped” and “This is the Last Time.” This is the time where they introduced piano to be the lead instrument. They released their first album “Hopes and Fears” In 2001, they re-record the single “Call Me What You Like” and released their single “Wolf at the Door”. They only released fifty copies of it in CD’s making it a collectors’ item. It was sold for over one thousand Pounds on eBay. With the slow progress of the band, Dominic left the band and continued his studies. In 2002, Simon Williams, who discovered Coldplay, heard the band playing and offered to help the band record their first commercial single “Everybody’s Changing” In 2003, they released the single and became a big hit with the help of Simon Williams making their band heard by other big recording companies. They released their previous recorded songs out in UK and in US. Making them win various awards from different awarding bodies.