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About Karmin

Formed in 2011, Karmen is an electric dance group from Boston, Massachusetts. The duo consists of female vocalist and guitar player, Amy Heideman and her boyfriend keyboardist/mixer Nick Noonan. After being raised in different parts of the US, the pair met at Berkeley College of Music in 2008. Although they came from different musical backgrounds, the pair began to work on music in its most basic form. Percussion and vocals became the starting point at which they began to create their style. Later, they added synthesizers and recorded instruments to thicken their sound and reach a broader audience. Similar acts include Cher Loyd, Foxes, and Iggy Azalea.

In 2010, Karmen began recording live footage of them performing hip-hop cover songs. After posting the videos to YouTube the pair started gaining attention from fans and critics. Ryan Seacrest personally attached their video “Look at me Now” to his bog to support the duo. Their combination of speedy lyrics and humor impressed audiences tuning in, which led to many label offers. They received so many contract offers, that it turned into a lottery. In June 2011, Karmen chose Epic Records to represent them and asked fans on social media what type of music they wanted.

One year later, the group entered the studio and began work on their first album. Upon their arrival, the popularity of Karmen gained them attention from all across the industry. This led to them collaborating with many hit artist on their first record. Contributors included Heather Bright, The Sheehan, Elite, and many more. The group tried to release the album in 2012; yet, label issues prevented it. Instead the record got pushed back until 2013. Before the release, Big Time Rush dropped their album with a Karmen collaborated single titled, “Song For You.” Later in 2013, Karmen began performing at bigger venues and making appearances on late nights shows including, Jimmey Kimmel Live!. After dropping singles from the album all throughout the 2013 year, Karmen finally released their album Pulses, March 25, 2014. Karmen followed by going on a US tour that began in Baltimore. They are currently touring in support of their first album.