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Joy Division Concerts Schedule May 2019

May 5
Sun, 7:30 pm
Joy Division, New Order, Peter Hook And The Light and others 1
Marseille · Cabaret Aléatoire

About Joy Division

Joy Division was considered to be one of Britain’s most popular and promising punk bands. Even though they became controversial as one of their members had committed suicide, the rest of the group was successful and their legend continued to prosper. The group first generated a buzz after they did a gig at the battle of the bands organized by Stiff Records. Joy Division’s first album entitled Unknown Pleasures was released by Factory Records and Martin Hannent. It was a huge success in UK.

After a year, the group started going around Europe and England. The group did not wait long enough for their second album. “Closer” was released immediately. Despite losing one of their main stars, they continued to do demos and live performances. The rest of the members have decided to regroup as New Order. They added a new member, Gillian Gilbert, who plays the keyboards very well. Very much like their previous band, they easily achieved fame and glory. Among their masterpieces include “Everything’s Gone Green” and “Temptation”.

“Blue Monday” was the band’s newest breakthrough. It has 12 soundtracks and still complements the band’s usual emotional lyrics and melody to propulsive dance songs. This album ranked 5th on the Billboard dance chart and has sold more than 3 million copies around the world. They have refined their work even more by collaborating with the very best in the business. They did “Confusion” with the help of a dance producer named Arthur Baker. It was everyone’s favorite in year 1983. They switched companies and released several more albums. Though most of them still topped the charts, not all sales were extravagant.

In the early 90s, the group has parted ways and pursued solo careers. The team got back together in 1993 to release “Republic”. It was immediately followed by a sold out concert in the US. After the projects, they continued doing some personal works. The group also created an album called Permanent that is composed of a collection of several unique and unreleased songs.

Despite their successes as solo artists, many would still look after Joy Division. The band will definitely remain as one of the most influential rock bands in history. It cannot be denied that their excellence and outputs had really gone a long despite all controversies and parting ways. Their albums and songs were labeled as greatest hits in the rock and R&B fields.