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Jota Quest Concerts Schedule Nov 2018

Nov 18
Sun, 9:30 pm
Jota Quest
Porto · Coliseu do Porto

Jota Quest Concerts Schedule Dec 2018

Dec 1
Sat, 9:00 pm
Jota Quest
Rio de Janeiro · Vivo Rio
Dec 8
Sat, 12:00 pm
Jota Quest, Nando Reis
Curitiba · Pedreira Paulo Leminski

Jota Quest Concerts Schedule Jan 2019

Jan 20
Sun, 11:00 am
Jota Quest
Florianópolis · Parador 12

About Jota Quest

Jota Quest is a Brazilian pop band created in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. Its older name was Johnny Quest, but because of some bureaucratic problems with Hanna-Barbera of Brazil, they took their most famous nickname, "J Quest", and rewrote to "Jota Quest". Formed by Rogério Flausino (vocals), Marco Túlio (guitar), Márcio Buzelin (keyboards), P.J. (bass) and Paulinho Fonseca (drums), Jota Quest honored the tradition of the good music from Minas Gerais and redefined the Brazilian pop-rock scene. (