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John Newman Concerts Schedule Aug 2019

Aug 20
Tue, 5:00 pm
John Newman
Zamárdi · Zamardi Beach

About John Newman

Born in June 16 1990, John Newman was raised in  Seattle, Yorkshire Dales. Newman’s life as a child was nothing like the ordinary as his father them with next to nothing. His entire family was left only with 1 pound per day, and this made their life extremely difficult. Despite this, Newman still went to Settle College to pursue his studies.

John’s Musical Influences

When he was a child, John’s mother used to play Motown and Stax, and he would always listen to these tracks. He was influenced by the sound of the Northern Soul as many of those who live in Settle would spend their weekends to the very famous Northern Soul nights.

John learned to play the guitar and write songs when he was 14 years old. Then, two years after, he moved to Leeds and it was there where he developed his innate musicality. During his 1st year, he had to struggle more than anyone else in his batch because it was then that two of his best friends died because of a car accident. This loneliness became John’s motivation to write songs about life and love. Instead of going out, he wrote songs and his guitar became his best friend. Fortunately, he also found people who were attracted to Motown and Stax.

Afterwards, he migrated to  London and became a part of a band. Because of his undeniable talent, he was given a contract by Island Records. He also became friendly with Piers Agget who is one of the members of Rudimental.

John’s Hits

In the year 2012, John Newman became a part of Rudimental’s newest single, Feel the Love. The success of this track was phenomenal as it soon became a top hit on the UK Singles Chart. The success of this album spread like wildfire as it also became top 5 Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Belgium. After only a while, the album was given a Double Platinum by the Australian Recording Industry Association.

Life After Feel the Love

In 2013, Feel the Love’s staggering success was followed by another phenomenal hit. His debut single, Love Me Again, became number 1 on the UK Singles Chart. The song revolves around love and break-ups, and soon enough, many people around the globe became addicted to Newman’s music. Not only was it number 1 in UK, but it was also included in the top 10 list in other parts of the world. Undeniably, John Newman’s unique style and talent make him a rising star of the new age.