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About Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison is one of few musicians who enjoyed a very short lifespan. Jim Morrison was a unique artist who held the position of lead vocalist in “The Doors”. Morrison was born in Florida, in 1943. Morrison’s father fought in the World War 2 and remained far from the family. Morrison showed his interest in writing poetry at a very early age when he was in sixth grade. Around in 1960s, Morrison had to go to Los Angeles. Jim Morrison wanted to be like French poet Rimbaud as he followed many of this poet’s lifestyles. He graduated in 1965 from UCLA. Ray Manzarek, who was Jim’s classmate, liked some of the poems written by Jim and planned to use them as songs. So both Ray and Jim became interested about music and found Robbie Krieger (guitarist) and John Densomore (drummer). The members selected “the Doors” as the band’s name.

Initially, they started playing at clubs. Gradually the group started to show their uniqueness. And Elektra Records tried to promote this band. In 1967, the band released its first album “The Doors”. With the production of the album Jim Morrison become popular because of his amazing vocals and lyrics.

The Doors became the top selling band at that time. It toured many places for live shows and concerts. The band also attended in a number of TV shows and radio programs.

Jim Morrison died when he was only 27 years old. It was known that he used to be addicted to many kinds of drugs. He was found dead in an apartment in Paris.

Although he lived a shorter life, he showed the world something great that no other musicians could show. His lyric writing skills, singing quality, his vocal and his mystic attitude on the stage really distinguish him from other musicians. He is still considered as one of the grand role models by so many fans around the world. His influence in music is still realized when people still love to cover songs of Jim Morrison. Jim was one of the Rolling Stone's lists of greatest singers of all time. Jim Morrison was handsome and he had enjoyed the number of women fans.