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About Jay-Z

Shawn Corey Carter, better known as Jay-Z, was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1969. The only heritage that he got from his parents was his skin tone and voice. His family were hardly making the ends meet, but the ambitious young did not like the perspective to live all his life in poverty. Shawn found a modest job in a grocery store working for 14 hours every day. He was expecting the promotion but suddenly was fired and had to roam the Brooklyn streets again.

While living with his family, Shawn had to adjust to the severe Brooklyn lifestyle. Being all alone at home and in the streets, he was taking every chance to make his small money even using the unlawful methods. As a teenager, he was involved in weapons and drug dealing. Hip hop and dreams about musical career helped him to cope with hard and dangerous life.

Big money came with drug dealing. That time Shawn was known as Lou Ferringo and Incredible Hulk. His life changed, but his valued didn’t. He still wanted to become a rapper and a chance came suddenly as his work partner. He noticed Shawn’s musical talent, and together they created a band. That time the name Jazzy appeared, which later transformed into Jay-Z.

Sensational debut happened in 1996. Since that time, Jay-Z’s career started to wind up. He was releasing an album every year, each coming in millions of copies. Top hits are coming one by one. His label Roc-a-Fella also becomes incredibly successful but the rapper doesn’t stop. He starts making his own clothes of Rosa Wear brand, and once on top, becomes a sponsor for Hollywood movies. After gaining popularity for himself, Shawn Carter continues as a musical producer still performing on his own.

The rise to the top took Jay-Z almost 10 years. At first, he was making his own records, then joined a band, but soon opened his own record label. In 1996, the first album was released – Reasonable Doubt. The latter was warmly met by the fans from New York. To make a really successful career, Shawn chose only the most brave and popular producers such as Clark Kent, Timbaland. The second album came in 1997. It was less gangsta and more pop-rap, but still it was a success as well as all the following albums.

Jay-Z is also notorious for his law problems. In 2001, he was accused of beating his producer in a New York night club.

Jay-Z tour dates 2017

The famous rapper is on tour now. Jay-Z 2017 tour embraces almost all the USA and the biggest cities of Canada. Jay-Z concert dates are from September, 2 to December, 21. Jay-Z concerts 2017 will happen in Cleveland, Phoenix, Austin, Philadelphia and many other cities each promising to be a spectacular show. Jay-Z concert tickets 2017 are available online and none of them seems to be sold out yet, but hurry up. The Jay-Z 2017 tour is going to be a fantastic experience.