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Jack Johnson Concerts Schedule Jan 2019

Jan 12
Sat, 7:00 pm
Willie Nelson, The Derek Trucks Band, Jack Johnson and others 13
Nashville, TN · Bridgestone Arena

About Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1975. He is a professional surfer, even a champion (he has been living on a beach and surfing since his early childhood) and also a film director who has made two movies about surfing. The most famous of then is the award-wining September Seasons. The time after the movie got famous was the very time Jack Johnson put his surfboard aside to ride the waves in his free time and make music his profession. Jack Johnson started singing simple and serene folk. Johnson’s melodies slide from memory like ocean waves, but like the waves they draw everyone’s attention and do not bother. Also, they are played beautifully: Johnson is playing guitar really well, and his folk is sometimes changed by acoustic funk or Bossa nova.

One of his inspiration stories tells about a surfing contest where he was the youngest contest at just 17. Unfortunately, a week later, the contest was over for him: after an accident he was sent to hospital with his forehead smashed and a few teeth lost. This inspired him to write his Drink the Water.

Jack Johnson’s first album became platinum, the second – gold and the third was on the second place in Billboard. And it is not actually clear what is the reason for such high popularity of Johnson’s songs: perfect simplicity and beauty, ideal base for promotion (at all surfing resorts you can hear warm Johnson’s voice from every cafe of musical shop) or the singer’s friendly image: the tall man with soft face expression and hearty voice can not go unnoticed.

Jack Johnson’s interviews are usually not very informative: «I’ve been living near the ocean all my life dreaming to become a professional surfer. I wanted to write an angry song, but I could. Because that’s not what I am like. What is the difference between my new album and the previous ones? There is no».

Jack Johnson tour dates 2017

Jack Johnson 2017 tour is on now. The Jack Johnson tour 2017 dates are from now on till November, 14. Jack Johnson concerts 2017 will take place in US, Chile and Peru. Jack Johnson tickets for California, Nevada and Hawaii shows are already sold out! Each his concert is filled with warm, cosy and calm atmosphere that usually is on the evening seashores when the sun sets down. Jack Johnson tour schedule 2017 is not really tough with a few days breaks between his concerts.

Jack Johnson reviews

We enjoyed the music ..good singer. One thing was irritating though. We paid $150 for tickets , seats were nice so we expected to enjoy the concert ..instead, we had obnoxious , drunk people in front and behind that were "cheering " ?!? What the hell people..you are at the concert not a football game!
Jack Johnson was absolutely amazing!!!