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J. Cole Concerts Schedule May 2019

May 21
Tue, 7:00 pm
J. Cole
London · XOYO

About J. Cole

Jermaine Lamarr Cole born on January, 28 1985 and better known as J. Cole is an American rapper and producer. He was born in Frankfurt, Germany. At just 8 months he moved with his mother to North Carolina where his aunt helped to raise him. Cole finished the high school in 2003 and got a scholarship in St. John’s University from which he graduated with all excellent marks. He preferred not to come back to his town and headed to New York where he expected to get a chance to develop his musical career.

Early years

J. Cole wrote his first verses at 14 after his cousin taught him how to build rhymes. Inspired by 2Pac, Eminem and Canibus he wanted to tell his life stories in his songs. By the age of 15, he already had notebooks full of verses but no music to make a track. His mom gave him his first drum machine 808 which helped him to create the first beats. At 17, Cole already had enough tracks to post online under the nickname Therapist. After college he had two ways: to build a management career or to become an artist so he went for the last. But the way to fame was not that easy. Once he had to wait for 2Pac for 3 hours to hand him a CD but the famous rapper didn’t even pay attention.

To earn for his living, J. Cole started working as a collector. Once at work he got a message from Jay Z’s assistant saying that he needed to call back. Phone calls were forbidden at Cole’s work so he had to hide in the bathroom to contact the assistant. The latter wanted to meet as soon as possible, so Cole left his job earlier to change and get ready for the meeting.

2007-2011 Mixtapes

J. Cole released his debut mixtape in 2007 right after graduation. It was signed by Jay Z. The next mixtape came out in 2009. His next freestyle Back to the Topic was featured on Jaz Z’s The Blueprint 3. After a few more mixtapes, Cole started working with various producers to prepare material for his debut album. The following years brought J. Cole fame. He released songs and music videos, got music awards. He entered music charts and even Rihanna took J. Cole on tour with her.

On June, 21 2011, Cole announced his new album. Before it was released, every Sunday he presented a song or a clip to the awaiting fans.

J. Cole tour dates 2017

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