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Incubus Concerts Schedule Dec 2018

Dec 27
Thu, 8:00 pm
Jimmy Eat World, Incubus
Chicago, IL · Reggie's Rock Club

Incubus Concerts Schedule Mar 2019

Mar 2
Sat, 3:00 pm
Eddie Vedder, Guster, Blues Traveler and others 17
Tempe, AZ · Tempe Beach Park

About Incubus

Incubus was formed in California in 1992 and since then its members were marching towards success that finally led them to the top. Today millions of fans come to see the Incubus show and simple guys in the past now became world famous. Incubus was formed by Brandon Boyd and Jose Pasillas. They met long ago in school. Later on, Mike Eizinger – the future guitarist – joined the class. In high school, they met Alex Katunich who was playing jazz at that time. In 10th form, the four friends from Calabasas, CA, decided to start a band just to play for their own pleasure. A year later, they started to play their first compositions in local clubs. The quartet was imitating one of the local alt rock bands. They started playing funk-rock, then added post-grunge and rapcore elements to their compositions. As a start, they played for warmup for local popular bands. When in 1995 DJ Lyfe joined them, Incubus dared to release their debut album.

This was a trigger that started a quick escalation. The young and perspective band drew attention of the major labels. One of them was the Immortal records that later released their first professional CD. The popularity if the band was growing rapidly and even when Lyfe left the band substituted by DJ Kilmore this did not affect their success anyhow. They appeared as a warmup for Limp Bizkit, System of a Down and other bands. Their music video even got rotated on MTV making their album platinum. The new DJ has no misunderstanding with the other members unlike Lyfe, and they continue touring with popular metal bands. Incubus participates in Ozzfest’98 after which takes a break and stays in the studio for a while. 1999 brings a new album Make Yourself consisting of 13 hits-to-be. The video for Pardon Me gets on MTV which is a great success. During short breaks between tours the band goes on the Sno-Core festival with Mr. Bungle and System of a Down.

Incubus tour dates 2017

Incubus tour 2017 is on now. It will last until October, 14. The band is coming with the shows to US, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Paraguay, Columbia and Ecuador. Incubus 2017 tour is coming to Phoenix, Austin, Dallas and many more American cities. Incubus concert tickets are available online. So if you still haven’t purchased one yet, check up online for the Incubus tickets 2017 for their tour.

Incubus reviews

Someone barfed.. walking through isle and squirted on me my husband and a few others..AFTER i put on my new Incubus shirt? cleaned up in bathroom but some in my hair! Thank God it rained! Loved it! Did anyone notice when Incubus played the lightning and struck? My first time for Jimmy & Incubus.. love em both! Id love to see them both again?
Great seats, Great show, Great time !
Same as last year. Rain, lightning and an amazing show from all . See you lawn people next year.
It was great!
Mind blowing. Jimmy Eats World rocked their socks off!!! And Incubus was bad ass as always! It rained which made it more epic with the slower songs. Great Set List and Encore!#Rockon#Incubusforlife
It was amazing!!!!! ????‍♀️??? #judahandthelion rocked me and was so good!!! #jimmyeatworld stole the show!! They were A-Freakin-Mazing!! And then #incubus closed it out with a ? bang! They were all so good!! ?? an epic night!!
Loved it! Incubus was amazing and I saw a fight which was cool hahah
Absolutely AMAZING!!! Incubus NEVER disappoints, they're my all time FAVORITE band!!!♡ I've missed their last couple shows so it had been a while since I last saw them, they're mellowing out more but no matter how they change I will always Love them...they are ALWAYS spectacular live, not many bands can be as talented live. It was great to see Judah and the Lion for the 1st time too, wish their set was longer though. They're such a fun band, wish the crowd would've gotten their humor more and gotten into their show more but I had fun!! Overall, a perfect night!!!???⭐?
One the best incubus concerts by far!
It was great! Perfect weather and the bands were superb! Truly.