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Imagine Dragons Concerts Schedule Aug 2019

Aug 4
Sun, 8:00 pm
Imagine Dragons
Canton, OH · Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium

Imagine Dragons Concerts Schedule Oct 2019

Oct 6
Sun, 12:00 pm
Rock in Rio, Muse, Imagine Dragons and others 1
Rio de Janeiro · Barra Olympic Park

About Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons – a band having a Grammy award – appeared at BYU in 2008 at that time consisting of Dan Reynolds, the vocalist, and Daniel Platzman, the drummer. Two years later, Ben McKee, the bassist, joined them together with the lead guitarist Wayne Sermon forming a new music project. After a short stint in Mormon country, they shifted to Las Vegas to continue and develop their musical career.

The band’s work was going on quite well and resulted in releasing two extended plays titled Imagine Dragons and Hell and Silence. In 2011, they signed a contract with the Interscope Records after issuing another extended play It’s Time. Imagine Dragons were working hard to get a chance to work with Alex da Kid, a legendary Producer. He helped them with production of a few more EPs and saw big potential in the group so together they began working on the first full length album called Night Visions. The last was released in 2012, having the band fly up on Billboard charts. The albums accomplishments added momentum to the group after their extended play, It’s Time hit number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 soon after their CD was released.

Wasting no time, Imagine Dragons dropped their second single from the record, Radioactive, and became international superstars over the night. The hit song was sold over 12 million singles in the States and became number 1 on different music charts all over the world. The band’s hard work on the Night Visions album has led them to being nominated of two Grammy awards one of which finally became theirs for the Best Rock Performance.

Imagine Dragons’ success is that great not only because of their studio work. Developing their career, they have performed worldwide gaining popularity all over the globe. Giving shows in Austria, Brazil, Mexico, Sweden and the UK, Imagine Dragons have cemented their position in the alternative rock world. In 2012, the group performed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The next year, they played on Late Night with Jimmy Felon and Good Morning America.

After the Independent Records had released their Live, the band went on touring with their final stop at Lollapalooza. At the show, Dan Reynolds announced «this would be their last show for a while; however, not to worry because they were planning to release a new album in the future». He spoke to the MTV producers in 2014, informing the that the band were going to stop for a while before creating the new album as they were expecting to create something they would be really happy with. The singer also stated to The Times-Picayune that the record will shed light on differing cultures, as a result of the influence traveling had on the band.

The following album Smoke + Mirrors was highly expected by the Imagine Dragons fans. Its release in 2015 was preceded by hints and puzzles and even Morse code enigmas that were given to the fans via Instagram, Twitter and other social media. Even in the time of the Imagine Dragons tour 2016 the group members continued working on the material for the coming album. Evolve was released on May, 8 2017 after three of its singles had come out: Believer, Thunder and Whatever it Takes.

Imagine Dragons’ music style is not easy to define. Partially its alternative rock, indie rock and partially even electro-pop and synth-pop. Some call this eclectically combination arena rock. Dan Reynolds admits that he has been influenced by such bands as U2, Nirvana, Muse, Coldplay. During Imagine Dragons tours, the musicians collect unusual instruments and try using them in their compositions.

The great success of the band can be easily seen from the figures: over 9 million albums sold, 22 awards numerous nominations. Their songs were used as soundtracks for such movies as Hunger games and Transformers: Age of extinction. In 2013, Imagine Dragons started a charity campaign called Tyler Robinson foundation to help young people fighting cancer. 

Imagine Dragons tour dates 2017

Imagine Dragons tour 2017 is a world tour listing a number of European countries, Canada and the USA. The final show is on November, 16 in Anaheim, California. One can visit an Imagine Dragons concert 2017 in Warsaw, London, Lisbon, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Paris and other European cities as well as Canadian and American. Due to the great popularity of the group, it’s quite possible that extra shows will be added to the Imagine Dragons 2017 tour. They are famous for their bright and memorable performances. So if you are still thinking of getting a ticket, be quick as Imagine Dragons concert tickets are running out fast.

Imagine Dragons reviews

Imagine Dragons were great, the support act not so much
Stacy Hayward is this it
Amazing!! I'm looking for 2 things in regards to an Imagine Dragons Concert that the kids and I went to on November 1st 2017 at the Key Bank Centre in Buffalo, NY. 1- The couple show in the first picture were fantastic people that we met at the concert and I'd love for them to see and have this picture that I took of them during the show. I believe they are either from the Barrie ON or Orillia ON area (I have a terrible memory so I can't remember location for sure or their names for that matter). I'm hoping this post will get shared enough that someone will recognize them and share with them so they can get in touch with me or they see this themselves. 2- I'm looking for anyone who may have video and or still photo coverage of the moment the lead singer Dan reached out to my daughter Alex and held her hand for a few moments while he sang. We believe it was during the song "Mouth of the River". While we both truly enjoyed watching the moment happen without cameras in our way, we'd love to relive the moment again if someone happens to have caught that moment. Please get in touch with me if you happen to have this moment caught either on camera or video. Thank you in advance to everyone who shares this post. I've seen the power of social media before and I'm really hoping this post will get around to the right people
Dan’s daughter Arrow was dancing in front of us all night. What an awesome life she has. Cool kid.
Great show. I could listen to them for hours and hours.
I was really looking forward to seeing grouplove, they were amazing. But imagine dragons hands down stole the show. Wouldn't think twice to go see them again.
Wonderful show!! Thoughtful, positive dialog between songs. Excellent energy!! A great show to bring younger children to see. My daughter and I had a great time.
Killer show! They were awesome!
Imagine Dragons were AMAZING!!!!! Can't wait for them to come back
I loved it! Fantastic concert
Ended my concert season with imagine dragons . They were amazing . I hope to see them again.
Good concert. Love the idea how he spoke on how we all are the same and we should have peace with one another