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Iggy Pop Concerts Schedule Jul 2019

Jul 24
Wed, 5:00 pm
Iggy Pop
Budapest · Budapest Park

About Iggy Pop


James Newell Osterberg Jr also known as Iggy Pop is an American rock singer, songwriter, actor and musician born on April 21, 1947 in Muskegon, Michigan, US. His genre was Punk Rock, protopunk as well as garage rock and hard rock started in 1960 in which he plays guitar, keyboard and drums. He gets his named “Iggy” when he was high school, he joined a local band as a drummer/ vocalist and it was called “The Iguanas” and he was inspired by the name and applied it to his career as a solo artist. Iggy was inspired by Mick Jagger along with James Brown music and he attended the concerts of The Doors which had a big impact on his performances right now. He was the former member of the band The Stooges which they released albums and got separated twice.

Iggy experienced drug addiction so he decided to undergo treatment in mental institution. Bowie is one of his closed friend who always visit him and give him support all the way. Eventually after Iggy got feeling well, Bowie and Iggy collaborated in many performances and project including in signing a contract with RCA Records, in production of “The Idiot” as well as “Lust for life”. In the new beginning for Iggy, he released many albums including “New Values” on April 1979 through Artista Records and comprises of 12 tracks and 2 bonus tracks. He collaborated with Scott Thurston and James Williamson, followed by “Party” on June 1981 together with Ivan Kral and Patti Smitt. As Iggy continues, he launched more albums until 2012 and he also appeared on Ecstacy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance, The Venture Bros as one of the body guards. Aside from that his name Iggy was used in the famous Super Mario Bros big boss named “Iggy Koopa” as well as “Eggy Pop” in Yoshi’s New Island.

Iggy performed in a lot of countries in which he held almost 400 concerts all throughout his career that includes the Iggy Pop in Reading Festival 2001 in UK, Bizarre Festival in Germany , in Denmark together in Red Hot Chili Pepper, Sweden, Pukkelpop 2007 in Belgium and a lot more performances in which he collaboration with different band and artists. Even Iggy had negative past, he still continues his passion in music and performing in many crowds as he shows his real personality and until now he gained a lot of fans who is waiting for him to produce more songs and perform in many countries as well.